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It’s fast bordering on the insane, but there shouldn’t be a gamer out there who doesn’t like new content – particularly when it is free. And that means grabbing a download of the RIDE 3 – Free Pack 8 DLC is a bit of a no-brainer.

Available to download right now, the RIDE 3 – Free Pack 8 is the latest in the ever increasingly long line of content packs that Milestone Studios have made available for their latest bike racer. Adding to the massive amount of DLC packs we have seen arrive over the weeks since the full game released, this most recent DLC addition is one that many bike riders will be wanting to get their hands on.

The RIDE 3 – Free Pack 8 content pretty much does as you would expect, providing new, free, content to RIDE 3. Building on what has been delivered before it – in both the numerous paid and free varieties – the Free Pack 8 gives access to the super-cool Ducati Paul Smart 1000 from 2016. It is a stunning bike for a stunning game and should you have the base game of RIDE 3 on Xbox One, PS4 or PC to hand, then you’d be crazy to not bother adding this to the experience.

It’s not just a new bike that is delivered for free though, and the Free Pack 8 DLC for RIDE 3 also brings with it a new Volume of 5 exciting events.

To get access to the new races and this delightful Ducati, you’ll have to pop on over to your preferred digital store. We just have to point you in the direction of the Xbox Store, but if you are running the rule over RIDE 3 on other formats, are pretty sure other offerings will also deliver.

For more information and details on RIDE 3 as an overall bike racing experience, ensure you take in the words that make up our full review of RIDE 3 on Xbox One.

DLC Description:

Download now and expand your racing experience! This package contains: – Ducati Paul Smart 1000 (2006) – 1 Volume with 5 new events What are you waiting for? Continue your adventure with RIDE 3.

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