doom eternal rip and tear pack

If you’re late to the DOOM Eternal scene then the latest piece of DLC to arrive will most certainly be of interest. Yep, it’s time to Rip and Tear once more with DOOM Eternal.

Previously only available to those who pre-ordered the game prior to launch in March 2020, the DOOM Eternal Rip and Tear Pack is now available for all. Priced up at a mere £3.99, it brings some rather tasty little additions to the game too, namely a new player skin, an additional shotgun skin and the opportunity to worm your way through a stunning remixed level.

Available from the Xbox Store, the DOOM Eternal Rip and Tear Pack DLC doesn’t totally switch up how DOOM Eternal plays, but it does allow for a little more gory fun, with the inclusion of the legendary DOOT Revenant player skin, letting you mix up your appearance in the Battlemode. Further to that though is a stunning new skin for the shotgun, delivering a classic look that will appeal to many. 

The main draw of the Rip and Tear pack though – and possibly why so many pre-ordered the game in the first place – is the addition of the new Master Level version of the Cultist Base. This changes up what we have grown to love in the base game with new options galore, including additional challenges, combat encounters and, best of all, surprises.

Should you be enjoying what DOOM Eternal has delivered to Xbox One, PS4 and PC since launch and wish to enhance things a little more, then a purchase of the Rip and Tear Pack should certainly be considered. Unless of course you were clever enough to pre-order the game, in which case, you should already have access.

DLC Description:

Raze Hell with the Rip and Tear Pack and get in-game cosmetic items and additional single player content. This pack contains: ● DOOT Revenant player skin to use in Battlemode ● Cultist Base Master Level – A remixed version of the campaign level “Cultist Base,” with new challenges, combat encounters and surprises ● “Throw-back” Shotgun Weapon Skin – Bring DOOM’s original shotgun to bear on DOOM Eternal’s demon hordes


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