If Rock Band 4 was just that little bit too easy for you, then Harmonix are ensuring that even the most skilled of musical talents will find something to test their skills.

The December update for Rock Band 4 brings in an all-new gameplay challenge for the expert players. Brutal Mode is available as a solo experience or when teamed up in multiplayer and modifies the note track to react to how well you are playing. Play well, and Rock Band 4 will get harder! If you do manage to master this mode, then you’ll be rewarded with a new star that is up and beyond anything we’ve experienced before – the Crimson Star!

The best thing about it though? It’ll be completely free!

Additionally, Dec 8th will see a few more tracks added to the Rock Band Music Store, with the following all available for purchase.

  • Between the Buried and Me – “The Coma Machine”
  • Opeth – “Heir Apparent”
  • Symphony X – “Nevermore”

So whether you’re a newbie looking for new tracks, or a hardcore player needing a new experience, Rock Band 4 will have you covered this December!

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