Arcade shoot ‘em ups aren’t exactly a rarity these days, with developers still looking to bring the old school vibes to the modern era. Not many can make the claim of having a protagonist possessing an insurmountable amount of swag though. Step forward Project Starship X, and its cool as hell star pilot Swagthulhu, which has just launched on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. 

Coming from the minds behind Null Drifter, Panda Indie Studio, their latest idea sees a vertical shooter wrapped up as a cosmic horror parodying the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Taking on the role of star-fighter pilot Swagthulhu or one of the other members of the diverse cast, Project Starship X is a rogue-lite shmup in which you’ll literally be able to crash-kill the enemies. While steering your ship straight into foes is encouraged, other methods of inflicting damage are also available. Generally though, expect to employ crazy tactics and make use of zany power-ups as you attempt to overcome the 14 tough, but fair, procedurally generated levels. 

Key Features:

  • Discover 14 levels with unique themes, 5 in each playthrough.
  • Use tank modules, bowling, throwable items, bombs, spoons and more!
  • Experience Mad Events that remix the action!
  • Challenge a variety of modes to put your skills to the test.
  • Enjoy unlimited replay value with procedurally generated elements.
  • Get in the mood with a pumping soundtrack and screen shake effects!

If you wish to join the tentacled Swagthulhu and their fellow pilots in Project Starship X, it can be purchased via the Xbox Store for £8.39, which is discounted to £6.71 for two weeks post-launch. Alternatively, you could grab it from the PS Store or Nintendo eShop. Do you have enough swag to succeed in this 16-bit Lovecraftian inspired universe? 

Game Description:

Dodge and blast your way through a parody-filled shmup as Swagthulhu! Project Starship is back with a wacky take on cosmic horror. In this rogue-lite shooter, you’ll take the role of the tentacled-yet-hip Swagthulhu as you CRASH-KILL comical abominations in flashy 16-bit style! With multi-purpose dodge mechanics and tons of crazy pick-ups, you’ll be able to crash your ship straight through the enemy and emerge unscathed. Project Starship X celebrates genre conventions by turning them upside-down!

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