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Forget Mortal Kombat and put aside Tekken, for today the fighting scene is being dominated by one game, Shaolin vs Wutang on Xbox One.

The latest fighter to battle its way onto the Xbox One digital library, Shaolin vs Wutang on Xbox One is being sold on the back of being a simple fighting game with no over-the-top antics (seriously, fighting games? over-the-top? Never!), instead leaving it to cover good old hand-to-hand combat that has been heavily influenced by the classic Kung Fu movies.

Priced at £11.74, Shaolin vs Wutang really is a bit of a love letter to those films too, coming complete with all the authentic sounds you would expect from an old-school Kung-Fu tale, pushed along by a killer soundtrack that has been ripped straight from the very best movies. With 30 stages to enjoy, just as many individual martial art styles included and everything created by just one passionate soul, Shaolin vs Wutang has the lot – with both single player and local cooperative opportunities as well.

Features include:

  • Hand to hand and weapon combat
  • Dynamic blocking animations
  • Licensed Kung fu soundtrack featuring music from classic films
  • 30 Inspired authentic martial arts styles
  • 30 unique Stages
  • Unique moves and combos for every fighter
  • Single Player & Local Co-op

So what you saying? This latest fighter one that you’ll be testing out? Reckon you’ve got the skills to take down some of the best fighters the world has seen? Head on over to the Xbox Store, grab yourself a download and prepare for a proper bare-knuckle fight. But just remember, if you want beef, then bring the ruckus. 

Game Description:

Shaolin vs Wutang is a 1 on 1 INDIE CASUAL combat game featuring hand to hand and weapon combat, great music and inspired graphics. No flashy over the top effects, just combat influenced by classic Kung Fu films. The game features authentic fighting sounds from films and a licensed soundtrack with great music from classic kung fu movies. Shaolin vs Wutang is a real love letter to classic 70’s and 80’s Kung Fu cinema. This is a indie passion project that was made by one person who has tremendous passion for, and knowledge of Kung Fu films. We hope to provide players with a satisfying gaming experience blended with nostalgia and reminiscence of the great Kung Fu films.

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