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Ruinarch is a new roguelite overlord simulator on Xbox and PlayStation!


Ruinarch Cover Art
Ruinarch is on Xbox and PlayStation

Chaos ensues thanks to the release of Ruinarch on Xbox and PlayStation. 

Ever played an evil overlord simulator before? No, well it’s time to make amends for that gap in your life with the release of Ruinarch on Xbox and PlayStation. Just be aware, this one promises to bring utter chaos to the gaming world. 

Available right now as the latest to launch from the Klabater team (previously behind Weedcraft Inc) is Ruinarch. It’s present on the usual stores of Xbox and PlayStation, running a price of £20.99. 

Multiple levels of evil

A game that offers up multiple ways of being evil, in Ruinarch you’ll get the chance to go spreading your own rumours, building a narrative as you go. You’ll also unleash a ton of monsters to the land, all in hope of creating about as much chaos as you could ever imagine. 

Ruinarch has been inspired by the likes of Rimworld, but from there, the similarities end. it does however deliver an expansive playground for players to get involved in, as they look to conquer procedurally generated fantasy world. And from there, growing a roster of minions will be par for the course. 

It’s the key features of Ruinarch which will dictate your evil rating… 

Key features

  • Slowly gain new powers by upgrading the Portal – Continue to sinisterly interact with the world to produce Chaotic Energy. You gain permanent access to more heinous Powers by upgrading the Portal. Depending on map size – from small to extra large – one playthrough may be longer or shorter.* But more villagers means more ways to combine your demonic skills!
  • You can experiment by combining destructive spells – The easiest way to wipe out villagers is to simply cast powerful spells like Earthquakes, Lightning and more. But what happens when you hurl a meteor at a poisonous puddle? Poisonous meteor explosions, that’s what! And that’s just one of the many nefarious ways that you can combine elemental interactions.
  • You can afflict villagers with flaws – Sure, you could just destroy the world with ice and fire, but the real fun begins when you meddle with villager lives to put them into compelling and tragic situations! Afflict an annoying husband with Unfaithfulness and then watch the fireworks once you tell his wife of his misdeeds.
  • You can spawn monsters to kidnap and harass villagers – You can snatch or seize a roaming monster and then breed it in your Kennel. This will allow you to summon them as part of your monster parties. Create monster parties to snatch Villagers or raid Villages.
  • You can spread malicious info – Your Beholder Structure allows you to spawn Eyes all over the world to gather information. You’ve seen a Knight steal a Shaman’s Potion? Store it as an Intel and then tell the Shaman about it!
  • You can spread Plague – Build the Biolab to afflict Villagers with Plague and summon Plagued Rats. Upgrade your plague with various nasty symptoms and improve its virulence. You can even make Plagued victims explode when they die!
  • You can torture people – You can build a Prison and incarcerate villagers. If necessary, you can torture them in ridiculous ways to afflict them with random flaws. Perhaps someone will have mental anguish and become a Serial Killer when it gets back to its village?
  • You can brainwash folks into becoming cultists – You can also try to brainwash your prisoners. If successful, it will return to its village as a secret cultist who will quietly worship and aid you.
  • You can start a zombie apocalypse – You can also make the Plagued dead rise as zombies. Other villagers that they attack may also contract the virus. Soon, the entire village will be filled with nothing but shambling zombies.
  • You can make Vampires and Werewolves – Afflict a Villager with Vampirism or Lycanthropy to turn them into denizens of the night. Watch as they terrorize their neighbors and spread the curse! You may eventually see the Village fight back and start hunting.

Playable across Xbox and PlayStation 

Ruinarch is playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, but there are some details that are different across the generations. For instance, Xbox One owners will only be able to take Ruinarch in via small and medium maps. Series X|S players meanwhile also have access to large and extra large maps. Whichever, the Xbox Store will sort you a download.

We’d expect similar on PlayStation. 

Hold tight for our review of Ruinarch on Xbox. 

Ruinarch Game Description

There are many ways to be evil. Choose from three overlord Archetypes – each one provides you with a different playstyle. Do you want to focus on sheer destruction or are you into a more subtle puppetmaster approach?

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