The third downloadable content pack for Ryse: Son of Rome is available today. Step into the arena, download Duel of Fates and witness the most frantic battle yet.

The latest pack features two new arena mode maps; Invictus and Barbarous as well as a survival map, ‘Island’. In both these maps, gladiators are tasked with seizing and holding special landmarks such as the God Tree, lighting wicker men on fire, defending Emperor Nero from harm, and avoiding numerous firetraps and arrow jets. 

Alongside these you’ll also gain access to two new gladiator skins, both taken from the single player campaign; Glott the barbarian chief and all-round good guy Marius Titus.

Ryse: Son of Rome Season Pass holders will be able to grab this content for free right now, whilst all others will need to fork out $8.99/£4.79 for the privilege.


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