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The third installment of the Sacred universe has got itself a release date, some glorious pre-order bonuses and a new gameplay trailer focusing on Weapon Spirits.

Deep Silver have announced that Sacred 3 will release on Xbox 360 come August 1st. The third installment in the Sacred universe will bring the usual classic hack n slash mechanics but you’ll also find an immersive and engaging drop in/drop out seamless co-op gameplay where players will need to both outperform and outshine their teammates. Victories may be shared, but glory can only belong to one.

Additionally, those who pre-order Sacred 3 in North America will be able to jump into Ancaria primed for battle with the playable Malakhim character, whilst Gamestop customers will also receive the Underworld Story mission pack and the exclusive Z4ngr13f Weapon Spirit. What’s not to like!?

A brand new addition to Sacred 3 is that of Weapon Spirits, enabling players to enhance their weapons with these upgradable and interchangeable weapon augmentations, Weapon Spirits will take the form of previous characters from the Sacred franchise, and will aid players greatly in their fight against the hordes of evil. Check them out in the gameplay trailer below.





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