Lost Judgment School Stories DLC

Slightly earlier than anticipated, but the School Stories Expansion Pack has arrived on Xbox and PlayStation stores today for Lost Judgment. Whether Yagami has finished his investigation into Seiryo High School yet or not, these new additions will make his time there a lot easier.

The School Stories Expansion Pack includes a variety of items for some of the after-school clubs you are investigating. Some additions are only available if you have progressed far enough in the story; however, here you will find new items for the boxing gym, dance club, robotics club and biker gang. There is also something here that Yagami can take out onto the streets with him.

In dance club, Yagami will have a new outfit for him and the rest of the troupe, and some new special moves to match his new style. These new moves will help you in a bind if you are struggling to reach some of the high scores.

A dance of another kind happens in the boxing ring and this DLC brings forth some new sparring partners that may look familiar. Sugiura, Kaito and Higashi are all now unlockable as sparring partners at various parts in the story. Remember, this is just sparring, don’t go mad.

For the biker gang, you have a brand-new motorcycle to try out. Better than that, how about a new racecourse to take it for a spin on? Want more? Ok, I got you. There are a whole host of new parts to tinker your two-wheeled machines with that will really make the difference between first and last place.

I haven’t forgotten robotics club either. You get a new robot. That’s it. Still, it looks menacing enough.

All this is usable in the relevant School Stories. However, the boxing combat style now breaks free from its school shackles and is usable as a fully-fledged fighting mode on the streets of Ijiincho and Kamurocho, along with its own unique skill tree.

To find all these new goodies once you have download the DLC, head to either your office or Yokohama 99 and find it all in your postbox.

The School Stories Expansion Pack can be found on the Xbox Store priced at £3.99. However, Season Pass owners, Digital Deluxe or Ultimate Edition owners already have access to this so needn’t have to pay again. For Season Pass and Ultimate Edition owners, this is the second of three DLCs for Lost Judgment, with the final Kaito Files story DLC coming early in 2022.

Will these new additions help you find out who the Professor is in Lost Judgment? Let us know in the comments below!

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