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Ready for a new scrolling shooter? One that promises to let you fire off a whole barrage of rockets towards enemy ships, increase the power of reactors and burn everything in your path? Stellatum is that game and right now it is found releasing on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Running as a digital download, Stellatum can be purchased and downloaded from today on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, as the team at Sometimes You attempt to push the boundaries of what is now for a scrolling shooter.

Taking charge of a beast of a ship, you’ll find yourself floating and spinning through the galaxy, attempting to take out all-comers as fast as you can. With a narrative that tells of how you are on a mission to destroy a planet which is threatening your home planet, from there on out it’s all about the destruction.

And thankfully in Stellatum you’ll have plenty of death and destruction opportunities with an entire system built around not just what you ship looks like, but the power that it brings. Weapons – and super-weapons – can be switched out with ease across the 80 campaign missions as you get taken to a number of different locale in order to meet a variety of foes. Expect to be put up against opponents who come from different races, along with multiple epic bosses.

Feel that you are ready for action? The launch of Stellatum is here and from now you can grab a download from the usual digital stores, whether your preferred option be the Xbox Store for Xbox One, the PlayStation Store for PS4 or the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch. Whatever you decide, you’ll no doubt have to bring your A-game to the shooting table with Stellatum.

Game Description:

Stellatum is a new exciting scroll shooter. Equip your battleship’s guns, install faster engines, and increase the power of your reactor. Throw a barrage of rockets on hordes of enemy ships, burning everything in your path! You are playing for an extraterrestrial race that has just become ready to conquer outer space. Whole story begins with the fact that you are going to destroy a comet that threatens your planet. An unforeseen event happened that dragged you into the midst of the battles. But everything may not be what it seems. Every element in the game was made with individual approach, polished to the smallest detail. Excellent graphics drawing, visual effects, music and sound effects – all this is perfectly harmonized in its special style and atmosphere of the game. Guns in game are represented not only by a variety of shooting methods, they are also essential parts of your ship, changing the look of your ship throughout the campaign. In each mission you will discover new weapons, engines and other items for your ship. Main campaign includes 80 missions, divided into different locations, in which you will meet several different opponents races and strong bosses. Super weapons are presented in the form of systems, they are divided into combat and support systems that are powered by the reactor you have installed.


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