dirt rally season 4 week 1 south africa dlc

No matter how many times we’ve jumped behind the wheel of a rally monster in DiRT Rally 2.0, it’s hard to believe that the game has still not yet been around for even a year. It’s even harder then to believe that Codemasters have already been able to squeeze in three season’s worth of additional content already. But they have, and today as Season 4 of the DiRT Rally DLC drops arrives, we see a brand new RX circuit arrive for action – and this one whisks us off to South Africa.

Available to add into your DiRT Rally 2.0 rally experience on Xbox One, PS4 and PC right now is the Season 4 Week 1 South Africa RX content pack; the latest DLC offering on the table for Codies’ greatest ever DiRT racer .

Priced up at a mere £3.19, or available as part of the previously listed Super Deluxe Edition of the game, the South Africa DLC pretty much does as expected of it, taking us to Cape Town, and allowing the chance for us to test our racing skills on the Killarney circuit. First included in the WRX series in 2017, the Killarney track comes complete with a initial corner which really lets you put the hammer down, sweeping fast and wide before cars drop into a more technical section. Further to that, as you make your way around, you’ll discover a rather large jump in place, and a chicane that just urges you to nail it at speed.

It could be said that all the ingredients for a stunning race are present in the South Africa Killarney circuit, and now that it has been added to DiRT Rally 2.0, racers from across the globe will be able to enjoy the action that unfolds.

With Season 4 due to continue in triumphant fashion, with the addition of more cars and tracks in the coming weeks – Lidden Hill in the UK is next up whilst a plethora of cars from Renailt, Peugeot, Ford, Audio and Seat are waiting in the wings. And you can therefore be safe in the knowledge that this is one rally beast that will just keep on giving right till the very end.

As always with any DLC addition, you’ll need to have the base game of DiRT Rally 2.0 to hand prior to enjoying any of these upcoming – or past – additions. You can grab the game right now from the Xbox Store, the PlayStation Store, or on PC.

DLC Description:

The Killarney circuit is located in Cape Town and was added to the WRX calendar in 2017. The inaugural race was won by Johan Kristoffersson for PSRX, after the notably action packed Semi Finals and Finals. The track features a fast and wide first corner, which tightens into a tricky technical section, a large jump and an ultra fast chicane at the end of the lap.

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