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Secretlab unveil their 2020 Series of Gaming Chairs


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Secretlab are relatively new to the game, with worldwide recognition coming about via the runaway success of their 2018 Series of gaming chairs. Now though, after 3 years of extensive research and development, Secretlab are unveiling their latest range – the 2020 Series of chairs with updates for their OMEGA and TITAN models.

Anyone who is familiar with these pages will know our love for Secretlab – after all, their TITAN model is quite possibly the best seat we’ve ever had the pleasure of placing our rears in. But there can always be improvement and for Secretlab that means refining their range and models, reinventing the manufacturing process and ensuring that only the very best materials get used.

Designed and engineered to deliver a near-perfect, next-generation sitting experience, the Secretlab 2020 Series is testament to 3 years of extensive research and development, ensuring that they overperform in stringent tests for quality and durability, each of which are set far more rigorous beyond the current industry standards.

The result of this is the mightily-improved 2020 Series that takes every feature, material used and specification to the next level. Drop in an extended 5 year warranty which is up from the previous two-year term, and it’s easy to see how and why the company’s belief in and commitment to its products’ quality and reliability is so high.

So, what do you get with the new OMEGA and TITAN 2020 Series from Secretlab? With more than 20 changes and significant upgrades, how does the following sound?

  • Secretlab PRIME™ 2.0 PU leather—engineered, tested and certified to be 4 times more durable than regular PU leather. The improved upholstery greatly exceeds the industry standard for flexing and abrasion resistance, all while further improving on the signature plush feel of its predecessor that made it so popular.
  • Secretlab’s signature Cold-Cure foam. A patent-pending* foam manufacturing mix and procedure is employed to achieve a consistent and highly-durable firmness that provides both immaculate comfort and great support. *SG Pat. App. No. 10201903863S
  • Full-metal four-directional armrests that provide far smoother adjustability and far greater stability and sturdiness; made even sleeker and ultra-resistant to corrosion with a full-chrome plating finish.
  • Signature Memory Foam Pillows—The 2020 Series will come with an all-new memory foam neck pillow that features a cooling gel pad to regulate the heat from the head and neck, especially useful for long periods of sitting.
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These upgrades will further complement Secretlab chairs’ existing array of highly-acclaimed features, such as the multi-tilt mechanism, full-length recline backrest, Class 4 hydraulics, and the ultra-sturdy ADC12# Aluminum wheelbase.

And further to that, Secretlab are promising that the extensively-improved 2020 Series will be further complemented by an ever-improving, direct-to-consumer service. With a variety of easy-payment plans, 18/7 customer service, shortened delivery times and aftersales care, the Secretlab 2020 Series will deliver a user experience far beyond.

Said Ian Alexander Ang, co-founder and CEO of Secretlab: ”The quality of the 2018 Series alone made Secretlab the best selling premium gaming seat brand in the world. Product quality has always been our focus, and after 3 years of R&D and rigorous testing, we’re now ready to release the 2020 Series—the Endgame for gaming seats. Backed by certifications for quality and durability far beyond the current industry standards, and marked upgrades to the chairs’ features, we strongly believe the 2020 Series is far superior to anything that’s on the market, and it is going to be the gold standard for keeping gamers comfortable.”

Price wise you’ll see the 2020 updates coming in for the Secretlab OMEGA and Secretlab TITAN models, with limited stocks, in both the new Secretlab PRIME 2.0 PU leather and the Secretlab SoftWeave – check out our review of the SoftWeave – fabric upholstery options.

Secretlab OMEGA 2020:

  • The Secretlab OMEGA 2020 (PRIME™ 2.0 PU leather variant) will be available at £299.00.
  • The Secretlab OMEGA 2020 SoftWeave™ will be available at £329.00.

Secretlab TITAN 2020:

  • The Secretlab TITAN 2020 (PRIME™ 2.0 PU leather variant) will be available at £349.00.
  • The Secretlab TITAN 2020 SoftWeave™ will be available at £379.00.

You can grab any of the chairs listed above by heading to Secretlab direct. The question is… will you be heading into your gaming sessions with Secretlab? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the section down below. You’ll not go wrong by investing in a Secretlab chair though.

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