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Forget about the intricate visuals and destructive nature of other fighters, for all we need to worry about today is a bit of good old shadow boxing, as Shadow Fencer Theatre hits out onto Xbox One and PC.

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and PC, Shadow Fencer Theatre comes about via the team at ShuddaHaddaLottaFun, and it is just that which we are hoping this latest fighter brings.

Priced up at £12.49, Shadow Fencer Theatre sees you grabbing your puppets and preparing for a showdown as we get involved in some competitive awkward physics sword-fighting game set in the world of shadow puppets.

Many have said that Shadow Fencer Theatre comes across as a bit of SoulCalibur crossed with the humorous Octodad, but we just reckon it’s all a bit of a laugh and will be hugely appealing to the party gamers out there who are looking for a new game to add to their sessions. 

But why should you take to centre stage and involve yourself with this strange little fighter? Well, a unique cast of characters is always tempting, as is making our way to becoming the Grandmaster of the theatre. The main draw though may just be the fact that Shadow Fencer Theatre on Xbox One and PC will let us perform solo or battle a friend in a veritable variety show of game modes and skits – all so we can show the world we are the best performers on the shadowy screen.

Features include:

  • Single Player & Local 2 player Fencing Combat: Story – Find out what it takes to keep a last-of-it’s-kind shadow puppet theatre in business.
  • Marathon – Survive the gauntlet and become a Grandmaster.
  • Improv – Quick play by yourself or with a friend, selecting the cast, stage and direction of the shadowy fight. Direct the Improv fights with a selection of gameplay variations, limits and more.
  • Skits – a proverbial vaudeville of mini-games set to delight and distract.
  • Over 16 Selectable characters: Robots, Giraffes, Pirates and more! An eclectic cast so big we needed a larger dressing room!
  • 8 Unique Stages: Behold the power of paper cutouts on sticks and string, and their uncanny ability to set the stage and tell a story. The magic of the theatre!
  • Original Soundtrack: A collection of musical notes played specifically for this game!

We’ll have a full review of Shadow Fencer Theatre on Xbox One with you in the days ahead. Make sure you keep an eye out for it if you’re sat on the fence over a purchase. If you do wish to give it a shot though, the Xbox Store will sort you out.

Game Description:

Shadow Fencer Theatre is the competitive awkward physics sword fighting game set in the world of shadow puppets. Take center stage with a unique cast of characters and make your way to become a Grandmaster of the theatre. Perform solo or battle a friend in a veritable variety show of game modes and skits. Whether you are a one-puppet show or sharing the stage, above all else, show the world you are the best performer on the shadowy screen. Acting 101: Be sure to point the pointy end away from you and towards your opponent. When all else fails, just do a cheeky sword throw.

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