just cause 4 shark and bark

Just Cause 4 is all about having fun, and after seeing players given the chance to become an old Sea Dog in recent times, a new set of downloadable content has now hit home, bringing in glorious shark and dog themed vehicles.

Available to purchase and download right this very second from the Xbox Store, the Just Cause 4 Shark and Bark Vehicle Pack gives the option for those going deep with Just Cause 4 to add in some animal themed vehicles, namely a Shark Car and Dog Car! Seriously, what more could you wish for?

Priced up at just £3.99, the Shark and Bark Vehicle Pack combines lasers with sharks, and boosts with dogs to see the amphibious Shark Car targeting foes with its all-powerful laser weaponry.

Alongside that though and the Dog Car is a fur-lined motor that just so happens to come with a special boost that will allow you to whisk yourself well away from harms way should the need arise.

With the pack delivering cheap and cheerful new content to a Just Cause 4 base game that has grown over time, chances are that those taking the fight to the Black Hand will be more than happy to splash the additional asking price without fuss nor bother.

To get involved, head on over to your favoured digital store and sort yourself out with a download. We reckon the Xbox Store is the best place to visit, and it is that which will be more than happy to provide an Xbox download.

DLC Description:

Sharks, lasers, dogs and boosters. What more could you want? Shark and Bark Vehicle Pack includes: SHARK CAR (Thresher): Launch amphibious assaults with the Shark Car using its laser-targeting weaponry DOG CAR (’84 Sheepdog): Stand out from the crowd in this fur-covered transport. Bark down the Black Hand and make a swift getaway with the boost functionality.


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