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Fancy being taken on a little adventure through a Metroidvania styled world that takes any form of hand holding and drops it straight out of the window? The super cheap Paradox Soul will do just that, and it is now launching on Xbox One, PS4 and PS Vita, with a Nintendo Switch release hot on those heels. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, PS4 and PS Vita – with a Nintendo Switch launch happening on the 5th July – Paradox Soul is the latest title to come about via the publishing team at Ratalaika Games – after the likes of Warlock’s Tower – and once again they ensure that it launches at pocket money prices. 

An asking price of just £4.99 – with a little launch discount in place – is all that is expected from those behind Paradox Soul and by dropping those measly pennies you will be given the chance to explore an abandon research facility and try to find out what exactly happened there. This will see you playing through proceedings as Dr. Alli Rose as Paradox Soul forgets about pointing you in the right direction and instead leaves Dr Rose – and you – to figure everything out for yourself. The question is, will you have what it takes to descend into the rabbit hole of this test facility?

Expect to find the chance to mess around with upgrades, take on big bosses and try to solve the mystery within with features of Paradox Soul on Xbox One including:

  • Retro pixel art and animation
  • Terrifyingly epic boss fights
  • Unique suit abilities for combat and navigation
  • Cool weaponry upgrades to discover
  • Hand-crafted labyrinth of evil
  • Secrets to unravel

Want to give it a go? Head on over to your favoured digital store right now – whether that be the Xbox Store for Xbox One, the PlayStation Store, or, from the 5th July, the Nintendo eShop. We’ll have a full review for you soon too. Keep an eye out for it.

Game Description:

Paradox Soul is an exploration based, survival Metroidvania that takes hand holding and throws it out of the window. Instead of spelling everything out for the player, the only way for Dr. Alli Rose to figure out what’s going on in a peculiar test facility, is to descend deeper down the rabbit hole and figure it all out by herself. No one is going to save her from this test facility, so help Dr. Rose collect every up-grade, defeat every boss and solve the mystery while you can. You are her only hope.

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