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Sin to your heart’s content with the Cult of the Lamb – Sinful Pack

cult of the lamb sinful pack
Cult of the Lamb expands with the Sinful Pack

Did Cult of the Lamb make a follower of you? Have you lapped up the previous Heretic and Cultist DLC packs? It’s time to get sinning with the Cult of the Lamb – Sinful Pack. 

Available right now as the latest addition to Massive Monster and Devolver Digital’s wicked cult management roguelite is a new Sinful Pack. It looks to complement previous offerings, as well as the Cult of the Lamb base game, with new options for players. 

It’s priced at just £5.79 from the Xbox Store too, meaning it should well be low enough to tempt in many. 

Are you Sinful?

So what are you getting in the Cult of the Lamb – Sinful Pack? Well, new Follower forms, outfits, decorations and Fleece. We’re not sure we need anything more than that either. 

Included in this new DLC pack for Cult of the Lamb are new opportunities for base game players to sin like never before. In fact, the new cosmetics that are in place should well befitting for all players. 

Purchase the Sinful Pack today and you’ll be treated to the headline act of five new Follower forms. They come in the way of Hammerhead, Ladybug, Tiger, Llama and Sphynx. From there are no less than six new outfits for those Followers, as well as a similar number of new decorations. 

Rounding things off is the most sinful of all additions – a new Fleece for the Lamb. 

In summary…

  • 5 brand new Follower forms: Hammerhead, Ladybug, Tiger, Llama, Sphynx
  • 6 new Follower outfits
  • 6 new base decorations
  • A sinful new Fleece for the Lamb!

If you have the base game of Cult of the Lamb to hand, then we’d guess the new Sinful Pack will be of interest. The Xbox Store will sort out Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players, with a couple of options on the table. 

There’s the standard Cult of the Lamb – Sinful Pack for £5.79, giving access to everything we have spoken about. But then there’s also the Cult of the Lamb – Cultist, Heretic and Sinful Pack, combining all the DLC for the game as one. That comes with a £14.99 price point in place but is probably the best option if you haven’t grabbed previous content packs. 

Ready to be sinful? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Cult of the Lamb is available on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Sinful Pack Description

Sin to your heart’s content with Cult of the Lamb – Sinful Pack. This pack is the perfect way to indulge for those who enjoy a gluttonous aesthetic befitting kings and queens. Vanity might be a sin, but there’s nothing wrong with that!

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