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Solasta on Game Pass gets new chilly content – paid and free


solasta crown of the magister palace of ice dlc
Solasta Palace of Ice

If you’re a Game Pass player then there will be a high chance you’ve taken in the Dungeons & Dragons affairs found in Solasta: Crown of the Magister. If not, the arrival of the new Palace of Ice expansion should see you drop in. 

Available right now as the latest expansion to Solasta: Crown of the Magister is the Palace of Ice DLC addition, as winter arrives and a new premium campaign begins to thaw. 

Tons of new Game Pass content

The biggest expansion for Solasta: Crown of the Magister yet, the arrival of Palace of Ice will add in more than 25 hours worth of content, playable alone or with others. It’s the cooperative opportunities that we feel this will be best worked. 

It comes via the Tactical Adventures team as they provide players with all-new chilly opportunities. Taking us into the Northern Peaks, the Palace of Ice expansion should be seen as a high level affair, one in which you’ll need all your wits and skills. With a couple of new Ancestries, some old familiar faces and additional environments, this is one that will bring tons of new gameplay options. 

This new campaign sees the Soraks infiltrating Gallivan and threatening the Snow Alliance after making a deal with the demons. The heroes will have to explore a totally new region, and reunite the different clans of the Snow Alliance in order to try to bring the spread of Soraks and Demons to an end.

Key features are plentiful

We’ll be best off leaving the summary to that of the Xbox Store, with all the following promised…

  • This adventure features:
    • – 2 New Ancestries. The Gnome and the Tiefling are now available in the Character Creator!
    • – A continuation of the Crown of the Magister Campaign. Unveil the Soraks’ master plan and put an end to this threat once and for all!
    • – Returning faces. Import your save file from a previous campaign to continue playing your previous party at higher levels, and meet characters from both CotM and the Ruins of Telema demo! Note that you can also create new characters if you so desire, as they will start at level 10 in Palace of Ice.
    • – High-level encounters. Ready yourself, for you are not facing just goblins anymore! Get ever stronger up until level 16 to defeat the mightiest of foes!
    • – Co-op with up to 4 players! Just like the two other official adventures, Palace of Ice is ready to be tackled solo or with friends.
  • New Dungeon Maker content:
    • – Four new environments: Mountain Caves (indoor), Dwarven City (indoor), Dwarven Settlement (outdoor), Snowy Hills (outdoor)
    • – New monsters: Monsters from Palace of Ice will be available to use in the Dungeon Maker
    • – [FREE] New World Map System: Place your locations on one of the three existing World Maps (Crown of the Magister, Lost Valley & Palace of Ice), link them together and add some spice with Random Encounters during travel!
    • – [FREE] New NPC Follower System: Create follower NPCs who can join the party (controllable) to give them a hand during combat!
  • Free content update for all!
    • – Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings and Half-Elves are all receiving 6 new faces to choose from for free (3 Male / 3 Female)
    • – Level 12 – 16 are now available in the Dungeon Maker! Note that the Crown of the Magister and Lost Valley campaigns are still locked to level 12 max due to balance reasons.

Paid and free content awaits

You will need a copy of Solasta: Crown of the Magister to hand, whether that be on Xbox or PC. As Xbox players, the Game Pass route will be your best bet. From there, expect to pay in the region of £12.49 for the Palace of Ice expansion.

You’ll find it – and much more – included in the Solasta: Lightbringers Edition direct from the Xbox Store for £49.99 too. 

DLC Description:

Although the heroes of Caer Cyflen managed to prevent the Soraks’ attempt at reopening the Rift to unleash their foul god upon Solasta, the threat is far from over. With the Kingdom of Gallivan suddenly declaring war on their neighbours, there is little doubt that these insidious foes have agents everywhere – and that they always had contingency plans well prepared.

The Palace of Ice DLC is a high level 10 to 16 campaign that will take your party into the frozen lands of the Snow Alliance. The allies of Caer Cyflen need your help now more than ever, for Soraks are not the only foes that have been sighted lately. Other ancestral creatures have joined the battle, and there is little hope for victory without experienced adventurers to face them.

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