monster hunter world iceborne monster figure bundle 5

You could be mistaken for thinking that the main aim of everything you do in Monster Hunter: World and the Iceborne expansion is to go monster hunting. But you’d be wrong. See, it’s all about the decor in our eyes – and that is where the latest batch of downloadable goodies comes into play. 

Available to purchase, download and add into your Monster Hunter: World Iceborne game right this second are no less than 10 new options, with each and every one providing some kind of satisfaction in the decoration stakes. 

The main draw will no doubt be the full bundle pack – the Monster Figure Bundle 5 for £15.99 – as it is that which brings everything together as one, letting you get access to the other nine packs with relative ease. It is this collection which includes figurines of the likes of Deviljho and some of the other most popular monsters of Monster Hunter: World, with all of the following in place…

  • – MHW:I Monster Figure: Kulve Taroth
  • – MHW:I Monster Figure: Bazelgeuse
  • – MHW:I Monster Figure: Deviljho
  • – MHW:I Monster Figure: Shara Ishvalda 1
  • – MHW:I Monster Figure: Shara Ishvalda 2
  • – MHW:I Monster Figure: Alatreon
  • – MHW:I Monster Figure: Fatalis
  • – MHW:I Monster Figure: Lunastra
  • – MHW:I Monster Figure: Uragaan

Now, should that full bundle pack be out of reach of your wallet, or you’re not fussed about taking home everything that Monster Hunter: World Iceborne is able to provide, then each of those listed above come in at a more than reasonable £2.39. And yep, that’s a super cheap price to pay for some glorious room decorations. Yes you may have to speculate to decorate, but when that cost is so low, it’s easy enough to handle.

Further to that, there are also new Pendants available too. The Mechanical Silver Watch (£0.79), the Meowscular Gains Chain (£0.79), Mechanical Gold Watch (£0.79), Blazing Glavenus Candle (£0.79), Shocked Kula-Ya-Ku (£0.79), Beelzeboar (£0.79) and Heavenly Hog (£0.79) are all in place. As is the £1.59 Beotodus Skull Room Decor.

Once you do get your purchase in – and remember you’ll need a copy of the base game of Monster Hunter: World in order to use these – just pop over and have a little chat with your room’s housekeeper and see how best you’d like to put to use these new figures. 

Let us know in the comments which of the new MHW: I Monster Figures you decide to grab. 

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