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SquidGrips for Xbox One and Xbox 360 Review


squid grip packaging

If you’re looking to enhance the grip found on your official Xbox One or Xbox 360 controller then you have a couple of choices. Firstly, you could go out and buy yourself one of the new style Xbox One Special Edition controllers like the Lunar White controller, complete with its textured back surface for increased feel. Alternatively, you could buy yourself some velcro, plaster it all over your controller, stick on a pair of gloves and think nothing more of it.

Or you could buy yourself some SquidGrips.

SquidGrips are one of the leading brands behind the Xbox controller modding scene and they really are the most simple, but highly effective of products. Promising to wick away any excess moisture where your hands meet controller, the feel of the grips is nothing short of stunning, with the wavy design not only stopping your hands from slipping, but also bringing a superb texture, feel and indeed look to your controller.

From the moment you open the simple but effective packaging and feel the grips for the first time you will realise how special they are. Peeling off the back cover to reveal a super sticky surface is a little concerning, but with a simple step by step fitting guide, I’ve found both the SquidGrips for Xbox One and Xbox 360 easy to place. Lining up the small holes on the grips with the seam of the controller will ensure that the grips are put in place first time, however they can be easily removed and repositioned should you so wish.

squid grip xbox one pic 1

I was unsure how much the SquidGrips would grab the controller, expecting them to begin peeling away after a few weeks, but after nearly a month of daily use, they are still in place and looking like new, with hardly a mark on them and little sign of wear and tear. I’m pretty confident therefore that these grips will stand up well against the test of time. If for some reason they don’t and you need to remove them, then peeling them off slowly is more than doable – with next to no residue left on the controller underneath.

The extra padding that they bring puts another tick next to the SquidGrip brand. With a low profile feel, they may not look like they’ll bring much added comfort, but believe me, if I could go out and buy a soft feel controller with this much spring in place then I wouldn’t have to think twice.

Visually, if I’m being honest, I prefer the look of the Xbox 360 grips over their Xbox One cousins, as the sharp lines and ease of fitting make them stand out just that little bit more. That said, if I was solely concentrating on the Xbox One product, then I would be more than happy with their look. Thankfully, both feel brilliant to use with very little ‘rise’ ensuring that after just a little while, you’ll find you hardly notice the SquidGrips in place.

That is until your hands start sweating and your grip on your controller fails to ever let up, because it is then in which SquidGrips come into their own.

squid grip xbox 360 controller

Each of the SquidGrips come with attachable sticker badges. Now, these aren’t necessarily needed and seem to do nothing other than big up the SquidGrip brand just that little bit more, but by the same token, they don’t in any way annoy and make the grips stand out as a quality product for your quality controller.

As you can probably tell, I’ve been pretty much wowed by the SquidGrips for Xbox One and Xbox 360. Admittedly, the ones stuck to my official wireless Xbox One controller have taken a ton more use, but both have done exactly what they promise to do – provided extra grip, wicked away moisture and have never disrupted the feel of my controller or interfered with my play time.

You may not realise you need them, but SquidGrips are now a bit of a necessity in my gaming life. Sweaty hands are no more and long gaming sessions become so much more enjoyable!

Many thanks go out to SquidGrip for providing us with review products. You can buy SquidGrips right now from the team themselves. 

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8 years ago

So basically, condoms for controllers.

What’s next? Lube?

Neil Watton
Reply to  lulzprime
8 years ago

I’d be slightly worried lube wouldn’t be the best thing for your controllers.

Reply to  Neil Watton
8 years ago

Well, need to lube those triggers. Those things get a lot of action these days.

8 years ago

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8 years ago

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