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Square Enix know how to make action-RPGs and come 2022 players on Xbox, PlayStation and Steam will begin to discover the delights of a new Square addition – Star Ocean The Divine Force.

The latest entry in the beloved action-RPG series, Star Ocean The Divine Force will hit Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC through Steam in 2022. And when it does, it’ll transport players to an expansive sci-fi fantasy world, letting them take on an exhilarating journey with fast-paced action combat, rich exploration and an original story.

This year sees Star Ocean celebrate its 25th anniversary, and so The Divine Force looks to be coming at just about the right time. With a rich history to build on, and new features promised, this is one that is sure to delight franchise fans.

star ocean the divine force logo

Showcasing a diverse cast of playable characters, Star Ocean The Divine Force will tell a gripping story that seamlessly melds science fiction and fantasy elements; enjoyable by newcomers to the series and veterans alike. The game features dual protagonists, which offer different story perspectives and gameplay experiences: Raymond, the captain of the space trading ship, Ydas, and Laeticia, the princess-knight of a kingdom on an underdeveloped planet. Fate will bring Raymond, Laeticia, and several other ally characters together.

It’s well worth taking in the debut trailer below, if only so you can begin to understand the intricacies and features that this latest Star Ocean title will bring. With features like super-high speed battles in place, no random encounters, the chance to fly around numerous areas and the opportunity to take in some super-rich exploration, we’re sure that Star Ocean The Divine Force will appeal.

Give that trailer a watch and let us know what you think. We’ll be sure to continue to keep you updated as and when we can.

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