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Start felling with Lumberjack Simulator on Xbox


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If you’ve always wanted to be a lumberjack, sleeping all night, working all day, cutting down trees and pressing wild flowers, then Lumberjack Simulator is going to be for you. 

Available today on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S for the sum of £20.99, this one will let you live out the live you’ve always wanted. 

It comes from the Exponential Games team, arriving on the scene just before another similar experience in Lumberjack’s Dynasty. It’s the Simulator side of things we are focused on today though, taking you out into the forest and given the chance to prove your logging skills. 

An open-world awaits, as do a ton of vehicles and a host of tools. From there, it’s time to get set on some trees, working with your chainsaws, axes and more to take down those which need felling. With real-world physics in hand, you’ll have to be on point in regards what gets chopped and what doesn’t. 

You’ll have choices about how to go logging though. Do you chop away at the trunk and hope for the best, or pare it back, removing smaller branches first and then getting the meatier stuff done? Lumberjack Simulator will let you mix and match as you see fit. 

That open-world is appealing too, especially as it comes with a ton of challenges in place. In fact, the challenge might just be getting to the challenges themselves, and it’s here where the vehicles will come into play. We’re expecting a slightly less detailed version of Spintires: MudRunner here, as the usual forestry vehicles come out to play. 

The key features include:

  • Challenge Yourself – Unlike any other simulation game, this game encourages you to master the wilderness. Each tree is like something straight out of a real-life forest, and you can it down however you like, paring away the branches with your hand axe and selling off the valuable logs at the local mill. How will you invest your proceeds? Machines, new land, truck upgrades: there are many options available to you. This is your business; run it how you see fit.
  • Cruise like a Boss – These badass forestry vehicles feature realistic steering, suspension, gear shifts, and transmission. For truck enthusiasts, these vehicles will be familiar – the models straight out of the logging industry. You set the controls too, changing the drive mode depending on the terrain that you need to cross. Don’t get stuck!
  • Roam Freely – The map is an open world, its details numerous and filled with challenges. From high slopes to varying surfaces, there is plenty to look out for, and you need to stay focused in order to deliver your logs to their final destination (and keep your truck intact).
  • First-Person Fun – You choose when to enter and exit your vehicles, when you use your tools, which tools to use, and how to clear and move trees. Be careful: you are going to need a plan if you want to thrive in the logging business.

How this all plays is up for debate, but we’ll be sure to detail everything you need in full review. Keep an eye out for that, but in the meantime, the Xbox Store will happily give you the tools you need to get logging in Lumberjack Simulator, whether that be on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S. 

Game Description:

Are you ready to put your forestry and logging skills to the test? In this simulator game, you navigate an open world, the vehicles and the trees in accordance with real-world physics. You can edit the terrain, cruise around in the off-road automobiles, and start putting some callouses on your palms by swinging around a chainsaw, an axe, and other tools.

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