The team behind the challenging third-person stealth title Aragami, Lince Works, have announced that after finding success on other platforms, it’s finally coming to the Xbox One. Are you prepared for a killer time in Aragami: Shadow Edition?

In Aragami, you are cast as an undead assassin that wields powers that allow control of the shadows, and with this ability manipulate the darkness, it’s possible to teleport, create weapons and even summon shadow beasts to help dispose those foes of yours. Whilst playing with the mantra of slaying everyone in your path and causing havoc is a viable option, the powers you posses also open up the choice to go about your business undetected and slyly. Switching between these two playstyles gives you a freedom to tackle the scenarios you’ll as either a Demon or a Ghost on your path to defeating the army of Light, Kaiho.

What does the Shadow Edition add to proceedings though? Well, the Aragami: Shadow Edition includes the original base game, the upcoming expansion Aragami Nightfall – story expansion set before the events of the main game – and all the DLC that’s already been released. In Aragami: Nightfall, shadow assassins Hyo and Shinobu go after the mysterious ‘Alchemist’ in one last mission to bring back a long lost companion – ultimately, these events lead to the awakening of Aragami. It’ll have you playing as Hyo and Shinobu, with new Shadow Powers available to use in a story campaign that will put your stealth skills to test. Aragami and its expansion supports full 2 player online co-op that is cross-platform with PC platforms too, enabling you to slaughter foes with a friend.

Aragami: Shadow Edition doesn’t have a fixed release date as of yet, but it’s currently expected to hit the Xbox One in the next few months at a cost of $24.99/£19.99. Aragami looks to be heavily inspired by the likes of Tenchu and Dishonored, but can you handle the challenge that it is sure to bring?

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