Uppercut Games are bringing their award winning exploration title, Submerged to Xbox One, PS4 and PC real soon!
Arriving on Xbox One come August 7th, PS4 on Aug 5th and PC a day earlier on Aug 4th 2015, Submerged removes the combat normally associated with videogames and replaces it with the need for exploration and discovery. A third person title, you will take on the role of Miku, a young girl who has brought her wounded brother to the city in their small fishing boat. Navigate the flooded city streets by boat, scale the drowned buildings, and use your telescope to scour the city for the supplies needed to save your dying sibling. As you explore the city at your own pace, you encounter the habitat that flourishes in this colorful place and discover hidden objects that piece together the story of a broken world and a broken family.
From release until the 17th August, you’ll be able to pick up Submerged with a 10% discount as long as you are the holder of an Xbox Live Gold membership.

“We are very excited to be bringing a new kind of combat-free game experience to consoles and PC,” said company co-founder Ed Orman. “It’s been great to see people who’ve had a chance to preview Submerged really get into the idea of exploration and relaxation.”

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