Somewhere beyond the sea, somewhere waiting for you… there’s an update for the Xbox One Game Preview title Subnautica. So, let’s delve straight into the details.

Unknown Worlds have declared that with this latest update, massive improvements to the stability of Subnautica helps get it closer to that which we’ll experience when the game launches as a final product. There’s also a new option to change the language, just in case English isn’t your native tongue. Should your language of choice not be covered yet, then you can help contribute to the Subnautica Community Translations.

subnautica 2

Here’s a list of all the bug fixes for the update –

– Added a default binding for reload action and notification when no button is bound to an action

– No more random light flashes when swimming around Safe Shallows

– Copper now visible when released from limestone

– Death on hardcore mode now functions as intended with the controller

– Player no longer falls randomly to the sea floor after starting a game

– Internal lights in the cyclops now function properly

– Improved locked recipe tooltip

– Feedback now works with the controller

– Jellyshrooms no longer missing!

If you haven’t already gotten involved in the Game Preview version of Subnautica, maybe our hands-on preview will give you some insight.

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