Have you been found wanting in regards Super Dungeon Bros weaponry? The latest downloadable content for the game is here – and it’s super cheap.

Available right now on Xbox One, the Idol Pack for Super Dungeon Bros will set you back just £1.19. Now, considering that it’ll see you getting access to no less than eight new helmets, a new Ultimate and some devastating ranged weapons, it seems ridiculously good value for money… at least if you’re a fan of Super Dungeon Bros and find yourself heading in and out of the dungeons on a regular basis.

To get hold of the content, you’ll need to pay the Xbox Games Store a visit, dropping the quid or so required.

If you wish to know more about Super Dungeon Bros, then make sure you hit up our full review. We’d love to know what you think about this DLC too so don’t forget to leave us your comments in the section below

DLC Description:

Add to your arsenal with new devastating ranged weapons that are worth worshipping. Control the enemy crowd by cursing, chilling, summoning and enveloping your enemies. In addition to the power of the Idols, unlock 8 more bro-tastic helmets and a new Ultimate.


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