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Previously available on PC and mobile, and more recently PS4 and Vita, EMMA: Lost in Memories has now made its way to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, pushing out a poetic, surrealistic experience in the process.

Available to purchase and download on Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita and Nintendo Switch from today, EMMA: Lost in Memories sees you playing through things as Emma – a young, vibrant woman who leaves her home in search of an owl. From there, madness ensues as she gets lost in a weird world that gets more dangerous with every turn.

Priced at £6.69, Emma: Lost in Memories has been created by Sandbloom Studio, before the team at JanduSoft (of Furwind and Spartan Fist fame) picked it up for publication. And if you’re after a weird puzzling platformer that requires strategy and thought, this is quite possibly it. 

Features include:

  • One fast and simple mechanic: all the platforms and walls start disappearing when you touch them!
  • The character runs automatically at a fixed speed! Control her special abilities (double jump, dash and climb) and do your best to react at the correct time.
  • Minimalistic 2D artistic style completely drawn by hand.
  • Dynamic gameplay in a poetic and eccentric world.
  • Single-screen levels which combine skill and ingenuity with planification and strategy.
  • Two game modes: Main Story and Memory Chest. Complete the Main Story first to enjoy the levels in the Memory Chest!
  • Delicate reflexion on memory loss.

If you’re tempted but wish to know more, perhaps wanting to understand how EMMA plays out on Xbox One prior to putting your purchase in, then our full review will be coming your way real soon. Those sold on the premise already though can just pop over to the Xbox Store, the PlayStation Store, or the Nintendo eShop and grab a download right now. Should you decide to get it a roll, let us know your thoughts by dropping in to the comments.

Game Description:

Poetic, surrealistic and melancholic, EMMA: Lost in Memories offers a unique experience in a strange and dangerous world where walls fade away as you touch them. The main character, Emma, is young, vibrant and intriguing: she leaves her home following an owl, and soon loses herself in a world which she slowly finds more and more dangerous.

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