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How To Survive gets first piece of DLC, the Heat Wave pack.



With no XBLA release today, you may want to check out last weeks Wednesday title, How To Survive. If you do, then you might also wish to pick up it’s first content pack.

Entitled the ‘Heat Wave’ pack, downloading it will give your characters the ability to craft incendiary bullets and equip firesuits. What’s not to like about that eh!?

Whilst there are three different characters in the game, if you have decided to play as one only, then you have the option to choose the DLC for that character only. Single person content will cost 65p, whilst content for all three will set you back £1.29.  Still, not going to break the bank is it.

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Heat Wave DLC description:

Attention zombie fighters! You can now equip yourself with a fireproof suit and learn how to craft incendiary bullets. After all, who doesn’t want to walk through flames while lighting zombies on fire? It’s not just for pyromaniacs kids, get ‘em while they’re hot! The Heatwave DLC wet for How to Survive is now available on XBLA.

If you are still unsure about the game, you could always take the XBLA trial version to see how you feel about it. Failing that, stick around for our full review which is ‘coming VERY soon’!


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10 years ago

[…] be better to wait for it to drop into an arcade sale when you will no doubt be able to pick up the ‘Heat Wave’ DLC pack for a reduced price at the same […]

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