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Take a trip through the tech tests of Tardy 

Tardy is a tech filled adventure on Xbox

Like nothing more than messing around with computers and gadgets in your spare time? Full immersed in the tech landscape? You’ll want to take a trip through Tardy as it releases on Xbox. 

A techy adventure

Available right now as the latest little adventure to launch on Xbox is Tardy. It’s been put together and published by the Drageus Games team (previously behind Mini Madness), as they introduce gamers to Ramto. See, Ramto is a guy who likes nothing more than to fiddle with tech. And he’s looking to take those skills to the computer age, teasing new ideas from old technology. 

The thing is, Ramto isn’t the smartest and so when he finds himself alone on a spaceship, drifting through the galaxy, a whole adventure out of his comfort zone takes place. Worse still, the place he finds himself has been populated by the devices of a schizophrenic engineer. 

What plays out in Tardy on Xbox is an adventure into the unknown. A journey through computers and tech, gadgets and gizmos, if you’re up for a new tale for a cheap price, Tardy is it. 

Buy Tardy on Xbox now

Yep, Tardy costs a very reasonable £8.39 from the Xbox Store. It feels about right that it comes with that level of asking price. And it’s playable across Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. And yep, this is another in the ever-growing catalogue of Xbox Play Anywhere titles that let you move your game from Xbox to PC and back again. 

If Tardy is tempting your inner techself, let us know about it. The comments are below. 

Our full review of Tardy on Xbox is incoming. 

Tardy on Xbox Game Description

Ramto isn’t the smartest guy in the Universe. He enjoys finding troubles – and solving them, but when woke up on a spaceship it was too much even for him. Alone on the ship he had no idea how to pilot, among heaps of weird devices created by a schizophrenic engineer.

Tardy is a quest about fiddling with computers, terminals gadgets and other hi-tech scrap of all sorts. Deal with crazy machines, solve the mystery of the crew disappearance and help Ramto to come back home!

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