temple of horror

With a soul trapped in the titular Temple of Horror, monsters chasing you down, and talks of a ‘forgotten evil’ that is also attempting a daring escape, perhaps this one isn’t for the faint-hearted…

Releasing today on Xbox, PlayStation and PC platforms, with a Nintendo Switch drop on the 27th – so you can all get in on the nightmarish terrors! – Temple of Horror is a horror game in every sense of the world, immediately bringing images of the disgustingly disgusting Scorn. In fact, EpiXR Games’ new release is a lot like the horror offering that Scorn delivered recently, with a good helping of puzzles to make your way through.

As well as your standard fare of petrifying monsters lurking around every corner, offering up a good fright or two, Temple of Horror also has you navigating through a number of mischievous traps, that are equally as likely to get you killed as the creatures hunting you down. Some of the best horrors equip you with nothing but your wits to ‘fight back’ with, and as such you’ll be best hidden away, figuring out the skills of each enemy, and calculating your mad dashes for the next bit of safety.

According to the Xbox Store listing, in Temple of Horror you better be ready to:

  • – Rescue countless lost souls
  • – Survive the attack of the undead
  • – Hide from the evil and escape the dungeon
  • – Solve scary environmental puzzles
  • – figure out the skills of every enemy in order to escape
  • – dodge countless traps
  • – Find your way through a deadly maze

So, fancy a trip to the Temple of Horror, and hopefully a ticket outta there? Head on over to the Xbox Store to pick up a copy now for £8.39. That’s for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, of course: the game is also available on PS5, PS4 (PlayStation Store link is here), Switch and PC through Steam. Expect to pay roughly the same amount. 

Game Description:

Your soul, just like many others before, has been trapped in the Temple of Horror. It is an unreal place, filled with evil monsters, lost wandering souls, and forgotten evil that are trying to make their way out of the temple. Escape the dangerous beings lurking in the dark, dodge countless deadly traps and slowly unruffle the secret of the Temple of Horror while not just trying to survive but to find your way out of this hell. Will you be able to escape this scary action adventure?

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