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Take flight as the wholesome metroidvania adventures of Islets hit Xbox, PC and Switch

islets forest screen

Yeah, we know you’re probably well done with the whole metroidvania-styled worlds that help push the gaming lands along, but listen up and take note of Islets – it’s a surprisingly wholesome little journey that is promised. 

Available today on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC, Islets arrives on the market thanks to the developer Kyle Thompson and their publishing friends at Armor Games Studios. Priced at around $19.99, dependant on Store type and region, Islets looks to be a pretty well thought out take on the genre. 

It focuses on the life of a little mouse warrior – Iko – as they jump aboard their little airship and travel to uncharted isles. In that respect, this has some serious Tunic vibes about it, as you look to traverse the world, pieces together secrets and building out the adventure. 

As with any metroidvania-styled gaming experience, this one expands the more you play; paths and tracks opening up to reveal lost areas. There are a ton of upgrades and many a challenge kicking around in Islets too. 

But why are you and Iko doing all this? Well, for no reason other than to bring the wholeness back to the world. You see, terrifying monsters and ruthless sky pirates will take control if you don’t fight back – and we’re not sure that’s good for any adventurer. 

It just so happens that Islets looks the part too, especially in the stunning environmental designs that hark back to Studio Ghibli affairs. This hand-painted world is a stunner. 

Our full review of Islets and how it plays on Xbox is coming real soon, but for now you’ll find the game on the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S play; fully optimised for the current-gen Series X|S consoles. It’s also on the Nintendo eShop and PC store of Steam

Game Description:

Iko is a hopeful aspiring warrior exploring the land and sky to reunite a series of floating islands. With his rickety airship, he must travel from island to island in order to reignite each one’s magnetic core while fighting off the many adversaries standing in his way. Islets is a surprisingly wholesome metroidvania about making connections with the people around you. By reuniting the islands and befriending a cast of charming characters, the world expands and reveals new parts of each area for Iko to explore. Scour every nook and cranny in order to collect the many upgrades hidden around this world and face its numerous hidden challenges! There’s also a tour guide to show you around, but you should be careful. The guy’s got some really weird vibes…

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