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Take in A Day on the Farm with Farming Simulator 15



A farmers work is never done and you’ll get to experience that fully with the latest Farming Simulator 15 trailer.

Out on PC in a couple of weeks, Farming Simulator will also be coming to consoles including Xbox One and Xbox 360 in early 2015. Bringing you the best harvesters, best tractors and the best fields, Farming Simulator 15 will stick to the same recipe as last years edition but brings in a whole new graphics and physics engine, visual effects, interface and gameplay mechanics.

Set across hundreds of acres of land and whether you fancy tending to the cows or feeding the chickens, Farming Simulator 15 will be the go-to sim for all budding farmers out there with both a single player campaign and some multiplayer action in which up to 15 friends can help you develop your farm with all the latest farming technology.

The latest video ‘A Day on the Farm’ can be seen below. Just look at them there tractors!


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