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The release of Arise: A Simple Story on Xbox One, PS4 and PC has been one that we’ve been looking forward to for some time. Ever since Techland Publishing and the Barcelona-based Piccolo announced the release date back in September, many have been waiting for this day, as the emotional tale that takes us through the lives of two people becomes a reality. 

Running with a price tag of £15.74, Arise: A Simple Story promises much; mostly in the way of a heartwarming love story, plenty of emotion, and enough time manipulation to keep things really interesting.   

With moments of joy promised, and times of sorrow always on the horizon, Arise: A Simple Story looks set to deliver a wonderfully immersive experience to Xbox One, PS4 and PC gamers – or at least those PC gamers who are happy enough to embrace the love of the Epic Games Store. 

Arise is a deep narrative, carefully crafted to transcend both the literal and metaphorical. We travel together with an old man across artistically stunning landscapes, each of which represents a crucially poignant moment of his life, lush with love and loss,” said Alexis Corominas, one of the founders of Piccolo. “We hope players will find themselves walking alongside him on a path of self-reflection, and, with each step, relate to the heartfelt magic in his story. We can’t wait for the players to discover what—or whom—they and the old man will find throughout the journey.”

Throw in a soundtrack that has been put together by the one and only David Garcia – that’s the BAFTA award winning David Garcia for his work on Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – and it doesn’t take long to realise that this is a tale you should be taking in. 

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Our full review of Arise: A Simple Story on Xbox One will be with you in the coming days, but for now you could do much worse than head on over to your preferred digital store and nab a little download. The Xbox Store is our favoured option. 

Game Description:

Arise is a journey through the bittersweet lives of two people where memories come alive and time bends to your will. YOUR ADVENTURE OF LOVE AND LOSS Set out on an emotional rollercoaster ride through the changing landscapes of memories lush with feelings of love and loss. MASTERY OVER TIME Control the flow of time and change your surroundings from the shifting of seconds to entire seasons. INSPIRED ARTSTYLE Enter the wonderful world of memories and feelings brought to life by the talented artists from Piccolo Studio. PLAYING TOGETHER Invite a second player to help you control time and enjoy the journey together.


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