There are all manner of ways in which you can don the suit of Agent 47, with the rebooted Hitman franchise soon getting ready to add another string to its bow with the release of Hitman 2. In the meantime though you may as well take the opportunity to hone your assassination skills for free with Hitman: Blood Money.

First released on Xbox 360 way back in 2006, Hitman: Blood Money was, at the time, the very best way for you to get an Agent 47 fix. Dropping you into a world in which being smart was key, you were sent off on the most lucrative assassination programs in order to fulfil contracts on the rich and famous. After all, there is decent money in being a good assassin!

Granted, the visuals have aged terribly, but the same gameplay that wowed us back then is still in place, and if anything, Blood Money is a great way of getting back in tune with 47 prior to the chance to delve even deeper with Hitman 2.

Whether you wish to set traps and then sit back to watch the madness unfold, use an NPC as a human shield, or just want to dispose of your victims in the most horrific way possible, Blood Money lets you get on with those things. With a Noteriety System in play though, you’ll need to think about every single move you make… at least if you wish to prove your worth as a hardcore assassin.

If you’ve got a valid Xbox Live Gold membership to hand then you have until the end of October 2018 to get your free download of Hitman: Blood Money in. After that time, it’ll be shooting back up in price. We advise you to head on over to the Xbox Store immediately, getting that download rolling prior to the cutoff date.

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Game Description:

Hitman’s back, drawing you closer than ever into his deadly world where staying anonymous, being smart and totally ruthless are the key to a perfect execution. Lucrative contracts on the rich and powerful in high profile locations make killing for money good business. But when a rival agency enters the scene it’s war and only the best man will be left standing.

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