If you’re looking for a way to get into the Halloween festivities, Dying Light may just have what you need. As of right now through to November 1st, players can take part in The Outstanding Super-Crane event – the latest community event to appear in Dying Light.

During the Halloween event players have been given the challenge of attaining a global kill target of 10,000,000 enemies. Should the target be met, then players will receive the Bounty Skin Pack. An added challenge is in place for each individual player, and asks them to catch hold of 5,000 enemies with the grappling hook, with successful ones earning themselves an elusive Gold Tier weapon.

To help with both challenges, the in-game grappling hook will now allow players to swing between the many buildings in the game without any of the usually associated cool-down period. On top of this, it will now have an increased grappling range and pull enemies towards the player for much easier finishers. This more powerful iteration of the grappling hook is only available during the festive challenge and will revert to normal when the event finishes on November 1st – so you best get started if you want to unleash your inner Spiderman.

Additionally, you can unlock a free new set of Halloween-themed set of items by claiming The Nightmare Pack from Gemly.com and linking it to your associated Dying Light account. The Nightmare Pack contains an exclusive shotgun skin called Rusty Spine, a new poison weapon called the Candycutter sickle, and another exciting item that will be unveiled this Monday.

Should you find the improved grappling hook brings out your ability to master unthinkable moves and actions, then why not share them with the Dying Light and Gemly social media channels for the chance to be included in a special community video.

Will you be taking part in the Dying Light Outstanding Super-Crane event? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

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