Tanuki Sunset Xbox

Those rascally racoons are always up to something. Whether it be causing chaos in bins or riding around on a longboard, they’re always up to something. You didn’t read that last one wrong either. Out today on Xbox and PlayStation, Tanuki Sunset is a game about a racoon riding a longboard.

Tony Hawk can stick his skateboard where the sun doesn’t shine. Skateboards are so last year, long live the racoon riding on a longboard. This isn’t any old racoon on a longboard, however. It is a racoon riding a longboard with a dream: to grace the cover of FISH, the worlds best longboarding magazine. Can you help Tanuki fulfil his dream?

Tanuki Sunset also features:

  • Race the trail, with stages set across Sunset Peaks, Midnight City, and Sunrise Beach
  • Friendly control scheme makes it easy to pick up, play, and get in the zone
  • Try multiple modes, including story mode, endless mode, score, and time trials
  • Collect Tanuki Bits as you race, and spend them on new gear at Bob’s Skate Shop
  • Enjoy a colorful, retro art style and a laid-back sun-kissed soundtrack

Tanuki will still happily revert back to more traditional racoon tendencies. Mainly the need to eat lots and lots. Pick up the Tanuki Bits whilst dodging traffic and vibing to the retro stylings. These Tanuki Bits can also be used to upgrade your gear, because what use is being on the cover of a magazine if you don’t look the part too?

Available to download now, Tanuki Sunset is on the Xbox Store priced at £12.49. There is also an introductory discount dropping it down to £10.61 for a short period.

Game description

Meet Tanuki, a rad longboarding raccoon from Sunset Island. They may just be a raccoon, but they’re a raccoon with a dream—to land on the cover of FISH, the #1 longboarding magazine in the world! Master the longboard as you drift through stunning mountain ranges, swerve through bustling city streets, and board along the sandy beaches of Sunset Island. Train Tanuki to perform epic tricks, from jumping off ramps to longboarding backwards. Sounds easy, right? Well, it is… if you can do it all while avoiding cars, trucks, and unexpectedly sharp corners. And don’t forget to feed him! Racoons are hungry trash pandas after all. Collect Tanuki Bits along the way to keep Tanuki fed and to upgrade your gear at Bob’s Skate Shop. If Tanuki’s going to be on the cover of FISH, they need some cool threads for the occasion. Ready to longboard to the top of the charts?

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