snowrunner clasico pack

If off-roading is your game then the utterly outstanding SnowRunner provides it. With a host of great vehicles to utilise, many different tactics to work with and huge open world arenas to traverse, it’s an off-roading fan’s dream game. But the more options available to gamers, the better – and that is where the SnowRunner – Clasico Pack comes in. 

Available to purchase and download into your game right now, the SnowRunner – Clasico Pack is a relatively cheap way of getting a couple of new vehicles added into your game. Priced at £3.29, this isn’t going to break the bank in any way, but it will allow you to break free in the open-worlds of SnowRunner on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, as you go about tearing up the frontier with a new model. 

That vehicle is the Chevrolet Apache 6×6 – a vehicles that, as the name suggests, is an old-school classic. Six-wheeled beasts thrive in the world of SnowRunner, and whether you take the standard red edition, or prefer to work with the blazing blue alternate skin, it is sure to help drag you out of all sticky situations. 

Whilst it’s disappointing to not see this arrive as part of the SnowRunner Season Pass, the low asking price should well allow many to consider giving it a shot, especially those who are needing a little helping hand in nailing the multiple challenges, objectives and missions present. 

The Xbox Store will sort out Xbox One gamers wit the new Clasico Pack content, whilst those preferring to play SnowRunner on PS4 or PC will no doubt find their own stores delivering similar DLC drops. Let us know in the comments if you decide to add this into your game. 

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DLC Description:

Tear up the frontier with the Clasico Pack, granting you a new vehicle, the ferocious Chevrolet Apache 6×6, and its blazing blue alternate skin. This classic six-wheeled pickup can conquer all kinds of dangerous terrain, excelling at deep mud and water thanks to its unique weight distribution and sizeable fuel tank. This DLC is not included in the Season Pass.


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