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We never imagined that the ‘Puzzle by Nikioli W’ series would be some abundant with options. From Sudoku to Akari and over to Slitherlink, over the last few months Xbox gamers looking for a test of the mind have been well sorted. Well, it’s time to get thinking again as now we have Puzzle by Nikoli W Nurikabe. 

Puzzle by Nikoli W Nurikabe is the latest brain tester to hit the Xbox Store, playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, all for a mere £3.99 in asking price. 

Following on from the Puzzle by Nikoli W Sudoku, Puzzle by Nikoli W Akari and Puzzle by Nikoli W Slitherlink, what we’re seeing here once more is the opportunity to work your way through a plethora of puzzles – with no fuss nor a hint of bother. 

Set up in the most conventional way you could ever imagine, there are no fancy visuals, pounding soundtracks or teases here. Nope, Puzzle by Nikoli W Nurikabe will task you with hitting the game board and messing around with black and white spaces until that board is full and complete. Do so, and your reward for greatness will be another puzzle, and another, and another…

If you’re familiar with the whole Nurikabe vibe, then we’re not sure what else could be better than heading to the Xbox Store, paying up those mere bucks and kicking back with an evening of board filling. Puzzle by Nikoli W Nurikabe is playable on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S if that sounds like your bag. 

If not, then well, you may just need to take in the puzzle instructions before you get started. From there, let the addiction take hold. 

Drop yourself into the comments if you decide to give this one a little look. 

Game Description:

In this super popular puzzle, black spaces and white spaces slowly come together to show their true form. “Nurikabe” is a puzzle in which you refer to the arranged numbers to fill in all of the spaces. It’s popular with a wide range of players, from beginners to experts. It feels great watching the black spaces stretch out like a soft-bodied animal.

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