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The absolutely stunning Orten Was The Case launches on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, PC

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How good does Orten Was The Case look?

Has a time loop mechanic ever been utilised in the way it has in Orten Was The Case? Yes, perhaps. But we do know one thing, that mechanic probably hasn’t looked as good as it does in Orten Was The Case. This is a bit of a stunner – and it was all created by one solo dev prior to today’s launch on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC. 

Previously working as an animator on the likes of It Takes Two, A Way Out and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (that’s the quality you’re looking at here), the solo dev at Woodhill Interactive today launches Orten Was The Case to the world. It’s playable across all the usual formats, running Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation, Switch and PC. 

A stunning new puzzle adventure

And boy, without continuing to go on, what a brilliant visual treat this looks to be. Orten Was The Case comes complete with graphics of the very highest quality as it throws you into the life of one Ziggy. This little guy is the unexpected hero of a Swedish neighbourhood, as he looks to put a stop to a scheme that is intent on ending the world. 

The thing is, after an explosion, Ziggy wakes up in a time loop, kicking off just mere minutes before destruction. Now, we’ve watched The Lazarus Project and understand how these things work. With that in mind, we reckon old Ziggy will be in need of a bit more time if he’s going to continue his world saving mission. But hey, we’ll try and help him as best we can.

Whatever, Orten Was The Case then plays out to allow the player to focus on a host of puzzles, challenging the mind like never before. It’s here where more mysteries come to the fore, as answers are slowly given up. 

That may be the main core, but in Orten Was The Case you’ll also get to partake in some graffiti, take in a bit of meditation and more. The world of Orten Was The Case is never but diverse, engaging and full of excitement. And we cannot wait to play it. 

And remember, solo dev…

Buy now!

Orten Was The Case will set you back £12.49 from the Xbox Store. From there, play on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S or PC. This is a game that is fully optimised for Series consoles. But also has added Xbox Play Anywhere support too. That allows you to take it from console to PC and back again with ease. 

Alternatively, play Orten Was The Case on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch or PC through Steam

The comments section is below if you want to express your love for Orten Was The Case. We’ll probably do the same in review. 

Orten Was The Case on Xbox Game Description

Get ready to step into the (non-existent) shoes of Ziggy, an unexpected hero from a fictional Swedish neighborhood. Together you’ll take on the daunting task of foiling a sinister scheme that could potentially devastate the entire world.

Ziggy wakes up one day with a strange mark on his hand, clueless about what happened the night before. After a couple of minutes lost among the familiar streets of Orten, his native suburb, an explosion brings him back to exactly where he’d woken up moments before… he’s stuck in a time loop.

Embark on a thrilling adventure where a world of diverse gameplay features awaits you. Cast your line and reel in the catch of the day in the immersive Fishing in Woodhill mini-game. Express your artistic side as you add your unique graffiti to the bustling subway trains, leaving your mark on the urban landscape. Feel the adrenaline rush as you sprint through the city streets in intense police chase sequences.

Challenge your mind with brain-teasing puzzles and activities that will enhance your cognitive skills and problem-solving abilities. Delve into a web of mysteries as you embark on quests for answers, uncovering hidden truths in the heart of Orten.

Achieve inner peace and balance in moments of tranquility through meditation, a feature that allows you to center yourself amid the chaos of city life. Stay one step ahead of the law in heart-pounding scenarios where you evade capture by the police, testing your wits and resourcefulness.

Discover hidden sanctuaries that provide a safe haven in the middle of the urban jungle. This is just a glimpse into the myriad of experiences that await you in Orten, a world filled with diverse, engaging gameplay features that promise excitement, challenge, and moments of serenity.

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