Racing games have been a staple part of a gamers diet for many years. Theyve been around since the very early days of gaming itself, with many titles being released over the last few decades. The Xbox has become one of the must-have consoles. Over the years, owing to its worldwide popularity, there have been thousands of games created and many of them with various degrees of success. However, it can be argued that the Xbox has become a sort of home for racing games, with many available for the platform; but which are the best you can play right now?

Forza 7

When the Xbox came into existence, Microsoft knew they were up against some big titles exclusively made for the Sony PlayStation. With this in mind they set about creating their own racing series known as Forza. Forza 7 is the latest instalment in what is a superb franchise and it really takes racing on the Xbox to the next level. With the dynamic weather system, customisation, 700+ vehicles and 32 locations, its comfortably one of the best racing games out there.

F1 2017

When we think of racing, one of our first thoughts will be Formula 1. Its a sport loved by millions around the world, and its no surprise that there have now been nine F1 based titles released for the Xbox, with F1 2017 the latest, and possibly the greatest. It gives players a chance to experience authentic Formula 1 action with twenty circuits, twenty drivers and ten teams all going head to head in order to be declared champions come the end of the season.

Dirt 4

Theres a huge following out there for rallying and off-road action, with many titles being released over the years to satisfy the demand for some high-octane gameplay. The standout series to hit the Xbox is known as Dirt, as it delivers everything from tarmac racing to off-road action, and everything in between. With a vast array of locations and weather conditions, a player will be in for some fast and thrilling gameplay, that can be brilliantly unpredictable at times.

Horse Racing 2016

Horse racing is one of the most popular sports around the world, enjoyed by millions on a regular basis. However, unlike racing games which feature vehicles, there arent a plethora of titles out there that allow players to get close to the action. Horse racing 2016 is a game that does that job well, giving players the chance to become a jockey, playing through ten seasons in total with a season finale at the end. Its indie gaming at its finest. It is the perfect way of introducing the sport to new audiences, who probably have the preconceived perception of the sport only being about races at Cheltenham and betting at bookmakers online like Betpoint.

Trials Fusion

The Trials game series has been extremely successful because it blends racing and platforming effortlessly, creating unique gameplay in the process. Trials Evolution sees players once again take control of a biker and they have to negate various courses and obstacles along the way. Its a very addictive game and with DLC packs and fresh content regularly added, it will never become boring and monotonous.

Trackmania Turbo

Arcade racers are what really brought racing games to the fore as one of the most popular game genres out there. The Trackmania series, has taken that and really focused on that fun over-the-top arcade racing action. Trackmania Turbo is all about high speed racing and stints and there are over 200 tracks in four different locations for players to get stuck into. Theres even a feature that allows players to create their own tracks which they can then share online for others to enjoy.