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Capes key art
Capes is now on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC

An XCOM inspired tactical combat game that just so happens to feature a ton of superheroes? What’s not to like as Capes assembles onto Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC!?

Available today for those on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S is Capes. It’s from the daring duo of Spitfire Interactive and Daedalic Entertainment as they provide players with the opportunity to take in an all-new adventure. It’s also on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC should you prefer. 

Assemble those Capes

If you have a love for the tactical turn-based games that have landed on our consoles in recent years, then we would suspect you’ll love Capes. Full of action, full of superheroes, your missions, objectives and tasks are to partake in some strategically challenging missions, taking down the supervillains that rule the world. 

Of course, as you go about this, you’ll get the opportunity to build your squad, as your Capes assemble, your heroes improve and backstories play out. With ungodly powers that await, any hint of temptation will be met with glory. 

Capes is a game that we have been playing for a little while on Xbox, so much so that our full review of the game is live. Without spoiling things, there’s a 3.5/5 review score attached to our Capes thoughts, as the story powered us through and the combat provided a decent test. 

Capes Creative Director Cade Franklin says: “Capes takes flight today! We’re beyond excited to release Capes on PC and consoles, bringing a fresh and thrilling superhero tactical experience to players on all platforms. Prepare for an adventure where your tactical prowess and heroism will shape the fate of the city. The journey starts now – dive into Capes and become the hero you were meant to be!”

Key features

Sold? You’ll find the Capes key features to concern you as follows…

  • BUILD YOUR TEAM – Recruit new heroes with a range of unique powers and abilities. Every hero plays differently, and requires a fresh approach to their powers and abilities. Learning and exploiting each hero’s unique play style will build their power in combat allowing them to unleash their personal tide turning Ultimates.
  • TURN BASED TACTICS – Exciting, heroic, turn based combat to test your strategic skills. Team ups and positioning matter, unlocking new ways to approach every enemy type and supervillain you encounter. Capes combat isn’t based around random numbers or lurking behind cover. Power doesn’t make you invulnerable, far from it. Your choices will make the difference between victory and defeat.
  • TEAM UP! – Take up to 4 heroes to work together in each mission. Each hero gains a unique team up ability from each of their allies, allowing them to work together to take advantage of their unique powers.
  • UPGRADE YOUR POWERS – Level up your heroes to gain access to new abilities and powerful upgrades. Use Skill Points acquired from completing objectives and challenges to unlock their powers.
  • CHALLENGE YOUR HEROES – Complete collections of hero specific challenges during missions to earn bonus Skill Points and unlock optional missions that give a deeper insight into each of the heroes.

Buy now and assemble your squad

Capes is present on the Xbox Store in a couple of different forms. There’s the Standard Edition for £32.99, giving access to the base game as required. But then there’s also Capes – King City Edition for a little more, £37.24. This adds in the Capes Skin Pack, with the introduction of eight further alternate Hero skins. It’s that King City Edition that also adds a Digital Artbook that will let you take a look behind the scenes of the game, featuring concept art and inspirations.

Pay your money, take your choice. 

Capes should also be kicking around in similar fashion on the digital stores of PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC – check out the Steam page

Meet some of the Capes team in the launch trailer below…

Capes Description

Twenty years ago, the supervillains won. Since then, they’ve created a dystopian city where developing super powers is a crime. Nobody has managed to slow them down, until now. Capes is a turn based superhero strategy game where you build a team of heroes and fight to take back the city. Played across a series of campaign and patrol missions, choose to push forward with the story or take the time to explore the side missions and unlock more heroes, earn skill points and complete challenges, and learn more about your heroes lives.

Neil Watton
Neil Watton
An Xbox gamer since 2002, I bought the big black box just to play Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee. I have since loved every second of the 360's life and am now just as obsessed with the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S - mostly with the brilliant indie scene that has come to the fore. Gamertag is neil363, feel free to add me to your list.
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