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Halo is as synonymous with Xbox as Ant is with Dec, fish is with chips and Ross is with Rachel. They are just meant to be together, no matter what it takes. It might have been delayed by an extra year, but all signs point towards that being a good thing. Drum roll please as the legendary Master Chief returns in Halo Infinite, and the campaign is available to play right now on Xbox and PC.

With the free-to-play Halo Infinite multiplayer surprising launching to the masses a few weeks ago, attention now turns to the single-player portion of Halo Infinite. And this time around, the Master Chief is returning to the titular Halo rings.

Set a few months after the events of Halo 5: Guardians, Master Chief has once again been floating through space and is picked up by a travelling cruiser. Before long, Chief returns to a Halo ring and where it all began, this time around it is Zeta Halo.

Halo Infinite introduces an open world setting to the Halo universe for the first time. Zeta Halo is home to the Banished – and Craig – who were first introduced in Halo Wars 2. This time around, the Banished are hell bent on repairing this damaged Halo ring and using it to control the Flood. Does this confirm the return of the Flood? Only time will tell.

Halo Infinite promises a return to the old school Halo games of 20 years ago and is available on the Xbox Store now priced at £54.99. It will act as DLC for the Halo Infinite Multiplayer so launch that and you will find the campaign in there. As always, being a first party Microsoft game, it is also available in Xbox Game Pass at no extra cost for subscribers.

Excited for Halo Infinite? Let us know in the comments below! We may not read them though, we’ll be far too busy playing.

Game description

Become the Master Chief: When all hope is lost and humanity’s fate hangs in the balance, the Master Chief is ready to confront the most ruthless foe he’s ever faced. Step inside the armor of humanity’s greatest hero to experience an epic adventure and explore the massive scale of the Halo ring. Explore Zeta Halo: Halo Infinite offers the most expansive and adventure-filled Halo campaign to date set in the wide-open environment of the ancient ringworld, Zeta Halo. Explore the vast reaches of Installation 07, from stunning heights to mysterious depths below the ring. Rescue UNSC marines to gain reinforcements in your fight against a fearsome enemy known as “the Banished.” Defeat the Banished Set after the events of Halo 5 and shortly following a crushing defeat, the UNSC fleet lies shattered and stranded on the surface of the heavily damaged Installation 07. Amongst the wreckage, a terrifying clan of Brute warriors, The Banished, now roam the damaged ringworld. Outmanned and outgunned, Master Chief must stop the Banished from repairing the Halo ring and claiming control of the galaxy’s greatest threat. PC Settings & Optimizations: Halo Infinite is built for PC. From advanced graphics settings, ultrawide/super ultrawide support and triple-key binds to features like dynamic scaling and variable framerates, Halo Infinite is the best Halo experience on PC to date.

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