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It’s a great time to be a rocker, especially one who likes to dip their toe into the gaming scene. With Rocksmith providing weekly song packs for mastery and Rock Band 4 ensuring there is next to no reason to not keep getting the band together, the rock-fuelled gaming scene is very much alive. Helping push it along even more are two new tracks that have made their way to the Rock Band 4 library – from The Glorious Sons and Rival Sons.

This week’s content drops onto the Rock Band 4 library come about from some of Canada and California’s finest, as both The Glorious Sons and Rival Sons throw out a song apiece to the rocking audience.

Priced up at £1.59 each, with an initial launch discount bringing that down to a mere £1.19, we find the following tunes now available in the Rock Band 4 library…

  • S.O.S. – The Glorious Sons
  • Do Your Worst – Rival Sons

Available for all Rock Band 4 players to get involved with, no matter whether they are smashing it up on Xbox One or looking for the quiet musical melodies on PS4, both of these tunes will certainly be appealing prospects to many. You’ll obviously need the base game of Rock Band 4 to hand, but if you can get some mates together to deliver a bit of a jam session, then yet again the latest new tunes for the game should well be considered.

Hit up your favoured digital store – we advise that one being the Xbox Store – and grab them right now. And remember, if this songs don’t quite hit your musical taste buds, then there are a whole ton of other options out there and available.

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