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It’s seen a strange old release schedule, but slowly and surely the Gnomes Garden series of games have made their way to console, with Xbox One gamers given the chance to discover the land of the gnomes. Today another game drops onto the library, with the release of Gnomes Garden: Lost King.

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Gnomes Garden: Lost King is the latest Gnomes Garden saga to hit console, allowing yet another opportunity for us to enjoy a fun fantasy strategy game about a world of gnomes.

This is a series that focuses itself on strategy and Lost King centralises that around saving the king and attempting to return prosperity to the kingdom. Running with a price point of £8.39, no matter whether you have played the games that have preceded it, or are coming in fresh to the world of gnomes as a newbie, Lost King will see you right.

Giving access to a ton of quests is just the start of matters and with four worlds in play, you can be sure that plenty of variety will be had. These contain more than 40 levels too and so as you go about buildings up structures, harvesting magical items and pushing out the resources to those who need it, you’ll consistently have reason to continue the tale.

Should you wish to get involved then the Xbox Store will sort out the Xbox One gamers looking for a new Gnomes Garden fix. And if you need to know more about the series of Gnomes Garden games then taking in our review of Gnomes Garden 3: The Thief of Castles should provide a little knowledge.

Let us know if you give it a shot. The comments section is down below.

Game Description:

Gnomes Garden – a fun fantasy strategy game about a world of gnomes. Save the king and return prosperity to the kingdom! A bunch of quests, over 40 levels in four unique worlds – all this awaits you right now. Restore ancient buildings, collect magical harvests, carefully distribute resources. All this is the key to success. Simple controls and a helpful tutorial will allow you to easily grasp the game’s basics. If you get in a tough spot, don’t forget about the princess’s mighty magic! Gnomes Garden – find the king and return prosperity!

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