the lost cube

If you’re mentioning that you have been inspired by the likes of Super Meat Boy and Celeste, you’ve got to come to market with something about you. Well now it’s time for The Lost Cube to step up to the plate and find a home on Xbox One, Xbox Series XS, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Steam. 

Sold by the Redmount Media and JanduSoft teams as being a ‘challenging platformer’, one that just so happens to have come about thanks to the brilliance of Super Meat Boy and Celeste, The Lost Cube tells the story of one Ulrik, a simple guy on the hunt for a magical cube; a lost cube in fact. 

Priced at £8.39, what plays out from there is all a bit weird. You see, the lost cube in the title is required in order to combine with Ulrik’s guitar, which when played brings back happiness and life to his small village. The problem is the darkest forces of evil are about and at play, and with no weaponry to hand, Ulrik is fighting a losing battle. It’ll therefore be up to you to help traverse through 80 levels of madness, taking in a couple of boss fights along the way. With each of these stages coming with a unique theme that ties in to four seasons, and a world that promises to immerse as well as frustrate, this is one tough pixel arted adventure worth considering. 

Features include:

  • 80 Levels spread over 4 seasons. Each level has it’s own theme and unique enemies which will keep you engaged and entertained.
  • Experience the sudden break in the genre and beat the enemies in an endless runner gameplay.
  • Collect the Guitar Picks, complete the game with minium death count, and speed run the level to unlock the achievements.
  • Immerse yourself in a silent world of surprise guitar strings and atmospheric sound effects.
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You’ll find the game available from the Xbox Store right now and that will allow you to play it on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It’s also available on Steam, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. 

Our full review is in the works and will be around shortly to deliver the finer details. 

Game Description:

The Lost Cube is a tough 2D Pixel Art platformer game. Ulrik is on the journey to recover the read magical cube which is taken away by the evil dark forces leaving the village land unfertile. The red cube combined with Ulrik’s ordinary guitar plays a magical melody witch can bring back happiness and life to the village. Ulrik must stay calm and focused to survive the unforgiving environment and defeat the evil dark forces


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