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The main mechanics and main controls in Valorant that are suitable for your boosting


Valorant is an active shooter that takes place in a session format and allows players, playing for the attack and defense sides, to decide which of them is better and stronger on the game map and match.

The attacking side is the players who must break through the opponents’ defenses on one of the lines and set a spike – an analogue of a bomb, or simply destroy all the defenders.

The defending side must destroy the group of attacking players and either prevent them from planting the bomb, or defuse it if it was installed.

The match will last until 13 victories of one of the teams, with a change of sides at half the match.

All players who perform well in terms of kills and helping allies and a minimum number of deaths will receive a more stable Valorant rank boost, or at least maintain the current one even in the event of a series of defeats.

General mechanics

Each new round depends on how you spent the previous one – financially and the safety of your weapons. Each kill of an enemy will bring you money depending on the type of weapon with which it was committed.

For money, you can buy a weapon for yourself or a teammate, a sphere with a skill for your character, grenades and a set of armor with increased survivability in battle.

Regular defeats in rounds will force you not only to change tactics and strategies, but also to save, because you simply won’t have enough for full-fledged equipment. In such cases, economic rounds are often played without serious purchases, which will allow you to jeopardize Valorant rank boosting in the series rounds to regain the initiative in a series of weapon rounds.

In addition to shooting skills and tactical actions, agents play a very important role in Valorant – special characters who have their own unique skills – these can be attacking, defensive, reconnaissance, or auxiliary skills for your game in a team.

Some characters will be available initially for free, but only one agent can be selected per team – repetitions are not allowed.

Best Agents for Ranked Matches


This is an archer and scout hero who can take out his bow at any time to inflict damage with energy arrows, or carefully scout the playing area and corners for the presence of an enemy.

You will also be able to launch a drone, which will immediately transmit the entire image to your hero for reconnaissance, but be careful, because firstly, your hero will become unaccounted for at this time, and secondly, the drone can be destroyed, and your location can be determined from its trajectory.

The hero is used primarily for reconnaissance, and then to deal damage.


This is a fast and mobile player who is more of a lurker than a scout. The task of such characters is to quickly move around the map and attack enemies from the rear, or shoot unready players; they simply create chaos behind enemy lines and help their team gain an advantage in battle and get Valorant rank boosting.

You will be able to jump onto high objects that would be inaccessible to most players, or dash forward at high speed.

You can place smoke to make your advance or retreat more secretive and safe.

Your main combat ability is five throwing knives that can be used to throw at enemies for maximum damage.


This is a full-fledged attacking hero and leader on the battlefield, all of his skills are ideal for both attack and defense against opponents.

You can use fire grenades to set the area on fire and prevent enemies from passing through it and damage anyone who decides to do so.

You will select three points on the interactive map on which smoke bombs will fall and disperse smoke, which will complicate the attack or defense of your opponents.

You will be able to choose a location and set a boost for attack speed and shot power for all allies who will be in this area.

You will select a point on the interactive map where a powerful blow will be delivered, which is especially good if you know exactly the position of the enemy and cannot safely reach him with small arms. The skill is activated with a sound command, keep this in mind before using it.


This is a support hero, without which not a single ranked match and cheap boosting in Valorant can do.

She can heal and even resurrect her allies, slow down enemies with ice, and build a wall of cold that will block passage and must be destroyed or bypassed so that opponents can continue moving.

The ice streak is similar to a fire grenade, but unlike the damage it will greatly slow down enemies and prevent them from moving in the desired direction, so carefully consider the trajectory.

The wall of cold should be used to block the passage and if the enemies start making noise and destroying it, then you will immediately know about their plans.

Restoring health will allow you to replenish the critical status of yourself and any other ally at the right time, even during battle.

You’ll be able to use your resurrection skills to bring them back into the fight this round, a mechanic that many teams try to keep Sage on their roster of agents.

Other Rank Boosting Tips

Do not rush to invest in a sniper rifle – this is a fairly expensive weapon, which is not very effective on most maps due to short distances and a large number of corners and defensive points. Losing such a weapon and buying a new one is quite expensive for the team, and sometimes it is easier to play with 5 stormtroopers. There is an exception when the team has a full-fledged sniper, but often gamers play without long-range weapons and opt for an AK or M4 in Valorant.

Don’t forget to use grenades as a factor for quick damage and distracting the enemy. Use smoke to make it harder for your enemies to attack, fire to slow down or block areas, and damage to knock them out of cover.

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