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Ever wanted to take in a mysterious visual novel on Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo Switch in which the main thrust of the tale is fully focused on cops against vampires? Cross the Moon is that visual novel. 

Created by Hanabira and Patrick Rainville, before being picked up and released on console thanks to our friends at Ratalaika Games, Cross the Moon launches on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch to allow gamers the chance to take in a visual narrative unlike any other. 

This is a tale which is seen through the eyes of a pair of sibling vampires, and a cop, as we get the chance to enjoy the city of L’Amour, Armorica’s isolated capital. You see, it’s this city which has something once great hidden under its streets ass we discover the vampire duo of Aurore and Lux Amanite fall into a corrupt cultish world. 

At the same time L’Amour’s finest police inspector – Ryouko Otsuki – rocks up, as she attempts to get to grips with the city as a whole. 

Cross the Moon looks to cover both stories in tandem, as you get the chance to work your way through no less than 100,000 words of text, which the development team reckon will see you needing somewhere between 6 and 10 hours to take in. The character roster is pretty decent too, with 24 illustrated folk present and correct throughout the tale, whilst more than 1000 photos will help bring everything to life. 

Throw in hours of original soundtrack, and this could well be a visual novel to go up against some of the best in the genre. 

Only our full review of Cross the Moon on Xbox will be able to detail whether that is the case or not – keep an eye out for it in the days ahead. 

Should you be sold on a purchase of Cross the Moon already, whether that be on Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo Switch, just head over to your favourite digital store and pick up a copy of the game. It’s available for £4.99 from the Xbox Store. You’ll find it complete with full Xbox Series X|S badging and optimisation too.

Game Description:

Something once great lies dormant beneath the cold streets of Armorica’s isolated capital, L’Amour. When it sleeps it dreams, and when it dreams it hunts. Fates converge as a young man’s mysterious death brings sibling vampires Aurore and Lux Amanite into a world of occult obsession and corporate corruption. Meanwhile, police inspector Ryouko Otsuki arrives in L’Amour to find a city whose identity is just as severed and broken as her own…

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