Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is one of the most popular games in the entertainment industry as so many people know the title even without ever trying it for themselves. It has a straightforward rule which is to eliminate all enemies or complete the objective. However, it has a high skill ceiling so it’s easy to spot CS:GO veterans from newcomers regardless of whether they have experience in the shooting genre or not. 

While popular amongst players as most games tend to be, it is also popular for spectators who don’t have an interest in becoming a player. This setting is similar to sports like football and cricket where the fans are invested in existing professional teams. Oftentimes, these spectators are more invested in these teams over their own growth in the game. 

What makes CS:GO so popular for spectators that it is one of the most-watched video games on Twitch? It ranks between top five and seven every month with other contenders being Fortnite and VALORANT. Most esports betting websites, like, also can’t leave CS:GO events out of their patrons’ choices. Several reasons can be quickly enumerated but many of them are arguable such as the following:

Straightforward gameplay with room for skill expression

As mentioned in the introduction, CS:GO has straightforward gameplay that most people can understand at a glance. There are two teams competing for the bomb: the terrorists have to plant the bomb while the counter terrorists stop it. Both teams have the alternative means to win a round by eliminating the other. Players are allowed to explore any means to complete either objectives per round so it all comes down to what tricks they have to offer.

Some players are popular for being extremely accurate as they line up headshots after headshots. Others are valued for their mastery of the terrain and tools that allowed them to outsmart players who are better in combat. Some teams are popular because of how coordinated they are but some teams are favoured because everyone is a wild card. 

Exceedingly healthy community content creation

As one of the largest titles in the video game industry, many content creators dedicate their platform to CS:GO-related topics. Some focus on the community such as player interactions, toxicity in some matches, or make clips of their favourite plays. Others focused on the technical side such as explaining the patches or tricks for players who want to improve. Cosmetic items are also showcased in several channels with many of them offering giveaways to viewers.

CS:GO is in almost every sportsbook

CS:GO’s straightforward rules and structure makes it ideal for esports betting. Spectators can follow the events of the game easily as they only have to follow who gets eliminated by whom. Every match is also broken down into a best of 30 rounds. 

Each round lasts for only two minutes or less so a full match can last between 30 minutes to an hour. It may end as soon as 16 minutes, too. Spectators can bet on the winner of each round rather than the whole event so there are up to 30 possible betting markets at least. Thus, online bookies, like, also feature CS:GO esports tournaments on their platform.