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Are you looking to take The Sims 4 to the next level? EA have you covered with three new bite-sized Kits that will bring in some big new possibilities. 

Available to purchase and download right now, adding in to your base The Sims 4 game come the new Throwback Fit Kit, the Bust the Dust Kit and the Country Kitchen Kit. 

Working slightly different angles to the usual plethora of The Sims 4 DLC packs that have arrived in game over the years, the new Kits are cheaper content drops, running at just £4.99 (with a discount if you are an EA Play subscriber) but still ensuring that the game is kept totally fresh. 

The three Kits available today cover different ideas too. The Country Kitchen Kit will let you transform your kitchens with a more country style, with vintage white goods, new dishes to rustle up and whole new kitchen units to enjoy. Further to that comes the Bust the Dust Kit – if you’re more interested in keeping your Sims’ house clean and tidy as opposed to creating a kitchen storm, this is the pack for you as it adds in a Dust Level that needs keeping on top of. With vacuum cleaners to hand the chores found in The Sims 4 have never been easier to control. 

And finally we have the Throwback Fit Kit. Similarly priced this brings some new gear and clothes for your Sims to enjoy, taking it back to the 1990s in style. It’s all about the colours, it’s all about the shapes and it’s all about the finer details with this new Kit – if you like that thing of course. 

Features of each of the new Kits are as follows:

Country Kitchen KitCook in Comfort — Build the kitchen of your Sim’s dreams with a completely new set of counters, islands, cabinets, and mix-and-match pieces. Small details add to the unassuming elegance of the items, while multiple color palettes match any room; Make It Homey — The kitchen is the heart of the home for a reason! Every object works together to foster a warm atmosphere with vintage furniture, decor, and materials.

Throwback Fit KitGet Fit in Style — Hit the gym or take it easy at home with nineteen comfortable, sporty pieces that call back to the energy and simplicity of the ‘90s. Show off with bright colors, modular shapes, and unexpected details that are sure to catch the eye; Top It Off — The kids might not have been around for it the first time, but now they can discover the neon joy of the past. Dress them up to impress with five child versions and one toddler version of the adult clothing items. Bucket hats for everyone!

Bust the Dust KitAvoid Dust-Ups — What starts as a film of dust builds up into piles, and then takes on a life of its own! As time passes, homes go from clean to dusty to filthy if Sims don’t clean up; Clean Up Your Act — Explore two new aspirations! Perfectly Pristine Sims won’t let a single speck of dirt remain, while Filthy and Fabulous Sims revel in allowing grime to thrive; Suck It Up — Find full-size and handheld vacuums in Build Mode for your fight against the encroaching dust. Make your Sim’s chores easier—and more fun! Even kids can help out.

You will obviously need a copy of The Sims 4 to hand in order to enjoy these new Kits. If you do though, and you feel that your Sims need a new lease of life and something to look forward to, you could do a whole ton worse than to get involved with your favourite digital store – ours being the Xbox Store. 

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