the suicide of rachel foster xbox

Ready for something a little haunting? The Suicide of Rachel Foster is here, with launch on Xbox One and PS4. 

Coming from the Daedalic Entertainment and One-O-One Games teams, The Suicide of Rachel Foster is a highly atmospheric, hugely intense narrative adventure that plays out in the first person. Running with a multilayered narrative, this ghost tale should see right anyone looking for some new chills and thrills. 

Priced at £16.99, The Suicide of Rachel Foster follows the story of Nicole as she is driven by her mother’s dying wish to uncover the dark past of her family. It is here where she begins to unravel the most unnerving of secrets – that behind the suicide of Rachel, a teenage girl. How that plays out will be up to you to find out by picking up a copy of the game from the usual stores. 

Key features include:

  • Explore the vast and detailed hotel, unravelling the dark secrets of the family’s past
  • Binaural audio for a truly immersive experience
  • Intriguing, touching and mature storytelling
  • Multi-layered narrative thriller, combining elements of mystery and horror

If you are willing to delve deep into The Suicide of Rachel Foster then the Xbox Store for Xbox One and the PlayStation Store for PS4 will sort you out. Keep an eye out for our full review of the game on Xbox One too – it’ll be sure to let you know whether this chilling adventure is one you should take in. 

If you can’t wait, the trailer below should give a few more hints.

Game Description:

1993 LEWIS & CLARK COUNTY, MONTANA, US Ten years ago, teenager Nicole and her mother left the family hotel after discovering her father Leonard’s affair with, and pregnancy of Rachel, a girl her own age who eventually committed suicide. Now that both of her parents have passed, Nicole hopes to fulfill her mother’s last will to sell the hotel and make amends to Rachel’s relatives. With the will and determination to put that chapter behind her, she returns to the hotel with the family’s lawyer to audit the decaying structure. As the weather unexpectedly turns for the worst, Nicole has no way to leave the large mountain lodge, and finds support in Irving, a young FEMA agent, using one of the first radio telephones ever built. With his help, Nicole starts to investigate a mystery far deeper than what people in the valley thought. A story of love and death, where melancholy and nostalgia melt into a thrilling ghost tale.

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