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The turn-based WW2 tactics of Strategic Mind: The Pacific begins to play out on Xbox


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Got a bit of a strategic mind? You’ll get to put it to the test as Strategic Mind: The Pacific finally arrives on Xbox. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Strategic Mind: The Pacific from Klabater and Starni Games is a turn-based affair in which you’ll be plonked right in the middle of WW2. It focuses on the war between the US and the Empire of Japan, taking place across the vast Pacific Ocean. 

Promising nothing less than historical accuracy and high attention to detail, Strategic Mind: The Pacific will set you back £24.99 in cash terms, but it promises to deliver a whole host of content for that outlay. You’ll get the chance to partake in the war from both sides of the story, able to pick up exactly what it would have been like to find yourself in the middle of a variety of situations. 

Playing out the role of each side’s most highly thought of Commander, it’ll be up to you to build up, to train and to unleash your troops as you see fit, working with various weaponry types and multiple units. 

You won’t just be left to concentrate on one area either – all of the naval, aerial and amphibious forces that are at your disposal will need to be harnessed, as your strategic mind starts to work in overdrive. 

Key features include:

  • PLAY BOTH SIDES of the conflict and WITNESS HISTORY UNFOLD to gain a unique insight into the epochal events of the War in the Pacific: the USA defending both its global power and its ideals; and the Empire of Japan fighting for the right to take the future of our world into its hands.
  • DECIDE which ships, submarines, and aircraft will constitute the bulk of your force and CHOOSE THE SKILLS your units specialize in as they become more experienced combatants throughout the campaign.
  • A UNIQUE ATTACHMENT SYSTEM lets you customize your units with additional equipment to weave them perfectly into your overall strategy.
  • INTRICATE COMBAT MECHANICS and DETAILED NAVAL BATTLES allow you to damage various ship systems. Target an enemy ship’s engine to stop it dead in the water, becoming easy prey for the rest of your flotilla.
  • COMMANDER SKILLS and WAR HEROES deployed at the right moments can turn the tide of battle
  • MODERN GRAPHICS COMBINED WITH HISTORICAL ACCURACY of all units models enable you to immerse yourself in battle like never before.

There’s a chance that grabbing a copy of Strategic Mind: The Pacific from the Xbox Store and playing it on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S will feel like a no-brainer to many – particularly those well versed in the tactical needs that you’d expect of a game like this – but it could well find appeal in the more casual player too. 

Let us know if you sail onwards with Strategic Mind: The Pacific on Xbox and we’ll do the same in full review. 

Game Description:

Strategic Mind: The Pacific is a turn-based strategy set in the WW2 period depicting the war between the USA and the Empire of Japan waged in the Pacific Ocean with mindblowing historical accuracy and attention to detail. It offers an immersive experience of commanding both sides of the conflict, allowing you to gain a unique understanding of the situation through the eyes of both sides’ top commanders, resulting in enjoyable and insightful gameplay. Build up, train, and equip your troops with the newest weaponry available to maximize their efficiency and set sail for victory. The core element of the game is large-scale naval battles with numerous carrier ships bringing so much more aircraft into the battle for seizing control over the ocean. Upon overtaking the sea you will have to set foot on hostile land through a series of costly landing operations. You will have to make your naval, aerial, and amphibious forces act as one flawless mechanism – a task only a truly strategic mind can achieve.

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